By Laserbeaver - 29/09/2013 13:00 - United States - Milton

Today, I finally handed my girlfriend a portrait of her. I'm not the best drawer, but I spent weeks on it and I thought it turned out pretty good. When she looked at it, she asked what kind of dog was it. FML
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Ungrateful fucks are the worst. However, I'm assuming you told her it's a portrait of her. If not, then it's not her fault.

reneebellinger 8

I bet it's a female dog.


Ungrateful fucks are the worst. However, I'm assuming you told her it's a portrait of her. If not, then it's not her fault.

She doesn't know that it's her and the fml never stated whether or not she liked it.

How is she ungrateful if she didn't know it was her?

it sounds like she was being sarcastic op

jw90 18

Of course if he says it's her she'll assume he's saying she looks like a dog. No win anywhere OP

To save yourself the trouble, I would roll with this one and state the dog you were attempting to create if she didn't know it was suppose to be a portrait of her. If she knew then she's either being bluntly honest with her critique, sarcastic or setting you up for a trap. Keep working on your skills. You will improve over time, OP.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Tell her it's a Bitch.

Relax he doesn't have to tell every detail.

You can't be that bad at it. And what did she say when you told her it was her?

Breed: ungrateful bitch.

98- a bitch is not a type of dog, it's a gender...

tjv3 10

Tell her it's just a bitch

Well a dog isn't exactly a bad thing..

Unless OP says it's a Bitch and then say that it's her. then it would be bad

dogs are cute!

dogs are cute like "Awwwww look at you pumpkin look at your little ears" not "hey babe how you doin"

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I do that to girls all the time, 29. I'll be all like, "Awl, who's a good girl. You want a treat, baby? You want a treat? No! Bad girl! No cookies until dessert! Down! Down I say!" They lovee it. Haha. Well.. Actually most women hate me. :)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

It was a joke, 62. Not a very good one I admit. You seem like you enjoy patronizing me. You must be one of those Internet badasses I've heard so much about. Must be a lucrative career choice.

Don't hurt his McFeeliings

threer 30

His thumbs up seem pretty high in comparison to yours, sir. Plus, most of his comments are hilarious and well-liked whereas I've never seen one of yours.

I thought the joke was quite funny...

Does she like it?

Tbh this sounds more like an FHL

Damn u dating a dog!

Obviously you tried to be funny. You failed. Thanks for trying.

olpally 32

Both of you failed miserably^ Jesus Christ. As for op, I don't think you should tell her that it's a portrait of her. Good luck.

reneebellinger 8

I bet it's a female dog.

r_bruce69 19

When asked what dog it was, OP should have said that it was a bitch

hryffff 11

I guess you could say she was being a bitch! No? Okay ill just go away now.

It's a type of bitch that doesn't appreciate someone's efforts.

She didn't know it was of her

She must've been messing with ya... Unless you drew a muzzle and massive canines and ears on top of her head I just dont see how she could mistake it

should've replied 'my female dog'

It's not your fault she looks like a dog.