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Today, my boyfriend called me to come over because we "needed to talk." Going down the stairs, I tripped and fell. I woke up from unconsciousness with a hurting leg and my boyfriend standing over me. Just as I was about to smile and ask for a kiss, he said, "Maybe we should take a break" and left. FML
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By  settingjunefree  |  0

I am so sorry! That's just horrible! I'm accident-prone myself, so I feel your pain for tripping and such...but the guy thing is just dreadful. For those who are YDI for dating an ass, people's true colors don't always show early or even for a long time. My sympathies...

By  alexandraa_fml  |  0

How is the guy being mean and insensitive? It just sounds like she shortened the story,. just because she fell doesnt mean the guy should have to hold off on what he was planning on doing in the first place.


#9 and #12, I totally agree with what you are saying. Just because she hurt herself doesn't man he should prolong what he wanted to do. All they people saying he's a jerk are wrong. Yeah, he's a jerk because he wants to beak up with his girlfriend.

By  wh4t3v3R  |  0

YDI. I can't count the number of times this happened to my girlfriends. "We need to talk," is not secret code for go hurt yourself. "We need to talk," means _I_ want to help with MY problems not make more of yours (as if we didn't have enough already). Your boyfriend is awesome for not being controlled by your pityfest and being punny on top of it.