By Anonymous - 28/08/2019 00:01 - Australia - Darwin

Today, I woke up in the shower at my coworker's house, with my clothes on and soaking wet. Apparently, the night before I drank too much and punched my best friend. The sad part is, I passed out on the couch, but somehow ended up in the shower, facing the wrong way. FML
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I'll take "Things That Immediately Precede Your First AA Meeting" for $800, Alex.

Maybe don’t get black out drunk.


I'll take "Things That Immediately Precede Your First AA Meeting" for $800, Alex.

Maybe don’t get black out drunk.

is there a wrong way to stand in the shower.... furthermore... is there a RIGHT way????

you don't want to be face down where the water gathers. That's how you drown.

you can lay in the bottom of the shower without drowning you just have to turn your head to the side. what horrible coworker would let this person drown in their house anyway? that's crazy! 😂

Gonna be awkward at work tomorrow...

Atleast your clothes were on you were probably crying or throwing up. Ive gotten drunk with co-workers and woken up in a shower before,with a very sore ass...

Well aren't you the popular one?

GamerChickxoxo, then you sound like a fun time at house parties.... ;-) [/s] On a serious note, hope that you don't allow that to happen to yourself anymore. Take care!

Chances are someone a little more sober than yourself put you in the shower, and blasted you with cold water to help sober you up, but they left before you came to. Or, you were so drunk that you don't remember thinking it'd be a good idea to shower, getting in, and then passing out after turning the shower on. Either way, it's time you severely cut back on your drinking. End the Aussie stereotype, you drunk bastard!

Sady_Ct 37

There isn’t all that much to do in Darwin from what I understand. You gotta be sober enough to drive south to see all the cool shit.

Perfect excuse to get wasted, huh? Nothing else to do except get so wasted, you forget what happened to you the night before, and you go looking for sympathy on a site where the users generally mock that level of stupidity. Sounds like a wild time.

Mungolikecandy 19

Time to quit the booze. Whenever you get blackout drunk and wake up to find out you have done things like that then booze is definitely not your friend.

Sounds like you really pissed someone off.

Wadlaen 21

Well, it could have been worse - I know several women from my highschool class that during the years we turned 20/21 woke up pregnant after a night with partying and drinking...