All you need is hate

By Stepmotherfucker - 23/03/2016 06:32 - Ukraine

Today, my stepmother started talking to me after a month of the silent treatment. When I asked her what I had done wrong, she replied, "Nothing, but do you know that feeling when you look at someone and you just want to choke them?" FML
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OP, I suggest you stay away from any wire hangers lying around.

Just stare at her for a moment before saying "yes"

Should have said "Yes, I have that feeling right now"

Maybe you're better off (and safer) just getting the silent treatment.

Just tell her "nope, but that's probably because I'm NOT crazy."

Oh wow, harsh and immature, are we talking about an adult or a child? (Obvious sarcasm)

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So THAT'S how you convey sarcasm via text!