By nomfuck - 09/09/2014 15:53 - United States - Fremont

Today, I overcame my debilitating seasickness long enough to have a shower and take a breath of fresh air on the cruise ship balcony. Then as a reward, a passing seagull shat on my head. FML
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Why did you go on a cruise if you have debilitating seasickness?

Maybe the OP didn't know they had seasickness until they were on the cruise.


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Well that sure is a shitty situation.

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I knew some shit-head would make a shitty pun

Why did you go on a cruise if you have debilitating seasickness?

Maybe the OP didn't know they had seasickness until they were on the cruise.

I've gone on a few cruises. Seasickness was never an issue until one night the waves were especially rough! Worst experience ever.

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I went on my first cruise this summer! I didn't have much of a problem with seasickness, even on the roughest day. The part that got me was when I got OFF. The whole earth kept swaying for a week

Usually cruises don't get too rocky unless you go out into open ocean. If OP were on a Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise it shouldn't be much of a problem.

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Dramamine Less Drowsy is your best friend. I'm sure they have some in the gift shop for an exorbitant price.

At least it gave you some incentive to use that balcony shower again

I think you misread it... OP took a shower THEN went to the balcony

it says and not then, I realized this too but I got what op meant.

@25 I did not say that OP used the word "then". I was clarifying the order of events for the upper comment.

#9 used the word "again" so your clarification is wrong

Lol #38 I was pointing out that op went to the shower then the balcony not a "balcony shower" altogether so the "again" that you mentioned #9 used is irrelevant....

When I was pregnant with morning sickness I found that putting pressure two fingers length from the inside of my wrist slightly helped relieve nausea.

That's called a pressure point. Relieves everything but headaches.

I get carsick very easily and have since I was a child. They have wristbands with a ball that puts pressure on the pressure point. Unfortunately they've never worked for me. I also don't think they work well once you're already seasick or carsick. Best thing for me is a gravol/Dramamine and let it knock you out, hopefully you'll sleep through the whole thing.

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#29 - If it knocks her out, she wouldn't enjoy the cruise. When my hubby & I went on our honeymoon cruise, I was horribly nauseated. I'd never been on a cruise so I had no idea. I did buy a pair of those anti-nausea bracelets, and they worked for me. They also sell the patches that you put behind your ear to help with the nausea. OP - check out the gift shop on board, I'm sure they have something that you can use that won't knock you out so you can enjoy your vacation!! Good luck!