By roachblend - 12/09/2010 08:00 - Taiwan

Today, I got out our electric fan because it was very hot. A cockroach crawled up behind the frame on the fan and fell into the gap of the frame. It got itself killed by the rotating fan, and had its blended flesh sent flying all over my white polo shirt. FML
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hey at least you weren't doing the thing where you say stuff into the fan because it makes everything sound funny, just saying could've been worse than just the polo shirt.


I feel bad for the cockroach. Had so much life to live, blended and tossed aside in a mere instant... Let us take a moment of silence for Mr. Cockroach.

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18- i was thinking the same thing. OP, to avoid future incidents as the one stated above, i believe you shall invest in a can or 2 of bug spray. Raid, black flag, and bug off are all exceptional brands that will solve all of ur said "bug problems." *wipes hands* my work here is done

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you are really pretty! is ur pic airbrushed?

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whoa 1 is cute but that duz suk start wearing brown

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The iPhone capitalizes white. I don't know why but it does.

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Snow White? xD But, OP, I would love to of seen that! Emo Cockroach! lmao

riiiiiiight. because he SO knew that was going to happen. I'm sorry, OP!

Fun and Appropriate Fact: White is traditionally the color of death and mourning in many Asian cultures. The Chinese traditionally wear red wedding dresses to symbolize luck and prosperity in the new marriage. The Japanese traditionally wear white wedding dresses to symbolize the "death" of the bride's family's influence, and the rebirth of the husband's and in-laws' influence.

So this white shirt symbolized the death of the cockroach! Nifty!

if you're talking about her 'boobs', she most likely pushed them up & out of her shirt. a lot of ***** do that.

dude. you're 30. she's 18. grow the hell up and hit on someone your own age.

25, you calling her a ****, based in the assumption that she pushed her **** up?

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that does not mean she is a ****.

You were calling her a ****. You said she probably pushed her boobs out, and felt the need to say "a lot of ***** do that." Therefore, you are a judgemental prick. Who also appears jealous... thxkbai.

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16, He didn't say anything about her boobs. He said she was hot. Stop bieng a bitch, I'm pretty sure the only reason your talking sh** is because your flat & wish you were half as pretty as her.

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i know, like really, leave 5 alone. Your obvioussly jealous. Your just making fun of her to feel better about yourself.

hhah I must say #5 needs to clean he room?

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lmao well maybe its not her room

her room* damn i hate typing on my phone when I'm tired.

um. okaythen. think whatever you want because you're all wrong ;)

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Uhmm ok congrats' no one cares byee (;

If everybody took your comment as calling #5 a ****, then I think you are the one that is wrong.

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lol @ 59 nd agreed 5 is pretty =]

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I agree with 81, she's not a ****, she just has low self esteem.

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how do you know she has low self-esteem?

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#5, you're pretty, but I think judging from your build that you naturally have 'smaller' breasts and you probably have pushed them up, not saying that's a bad thing, if you've got it, flaunt it ;) #47, you can talk with your HIGHLY contrasted picture! What are you hiding, eh? maybe you're fugly? maybe you're not... who knows. Either way, you're a bitch for calling #5 a **** when all she did was post a comment, complete with a flattering picture of herself. And you can't say 5 people are wrong and you're right, Hell, I'M stubborn but I sure as hell ain't that bad. Face it, you lost this argument, we all think #5 is being reasonable with her picture. Case Closed.

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it's funny that the people saying she has low self esteem can't bring themselves to post a clear pic of themselves...

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UHMM. Kso. I'm not a ****. It's not my room. I don't have low self-esteem, thank you for sticking up for me and haters: **** you. (:

I'm staying out of the **** debate. I will say, however, that it irks me to no end when people assume someone is judging another because [s]he's "just jealous." Talk about narcissism. =

It's just clevage. I never understood what the big deal was about that. It's not like her nips are hangin' out. Grow up.

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Long Story short, I'd tap that. XD JK I'm not a one-nighter type of guy.

Sure, if a girl shows cleavage it's sexy/slutty, but when I show ass cleavage it's nasty!!! What a double standard!

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113, Why else would she call her a ****? She sees a pretty girl with bigg boobs, and kicks her down when someone else compliments her. She's practically screaming out "I'm Jealous".

Because, as we all know, true ***** don't have the ability to produce a nice, real smile because of their lack of inner happiness. /sincerity

130: Or maybe jesse is just unkindly stating her opinion of the way MissRach is dressed. People make judgements here all the time, whether they're basing those on someone else's grammar, religion, style, weight, or whatever. You can't reasonably argue that all of those other comments are based on jealousy. I don't see why this one has to be different because the person being criticized is a pretty girl with a nice figure. For the record, I'm NOT defending jesse's comment. I don't agree with it and IMO, it shouldn't have been made. My point is simply this: assuming someone is jealous because they don't share your standards of attractiveness makes one seem narrow-minded, narcissistic and self-involved. Conversely, making judgements about lifestyle and unsolicited, mean-spirited comments based solely on a person's looks shows pettiness, cruelty, and no class or tact. Both probably show ignorance and insecurity, but neither necessarily indicates jealousy.

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haha it had to land on their shirt... I bet op is ugly too :( adding insult to injury

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That sounds like a nightmare! ::shudder::

as a person who has done research on cockroaches, i can say that that would be a truly...unpleasant experience. if i step on them, i make sure not to step too hard so they don't separate and shit. i ******* hate roaches. |the kid|

So change your shirt and toss the dirty one in the laundry pile.

ydi for having cockroaches running free in your house .. get pest control ..

you obviously never lived in Taiwan. roaches roam there. and they are the size of 2-3 beer caps put together. AND, they fly.

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That's some scary shit there. Just thinking about it freaks me out.