Sea legs

By have it your way - 29/04/2014 19:13 - United States - Rochester

Today, during a boat trip with my boyfriend's family, I got seasick and went to the side of the boat to puke. A current rocked the boat so badly that I fell overboard, prompting a panicked rescue and my boyfriend's mom muttering that I'm a pathetic attention whore. FML
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Lmao,moms tend to sometimes hate their sons girlfriend,so don't worry,fyl.


Looks like your dignity and chance of impressing his mom followed you overboard lol

gjikvtj 18

It's aboat time it's not about the girlfriend's dad

Why is everyone highjacking this comment?

Shelly_Kelly 6

wow his mom has no remorse. wtf op could have died :( im so happy you're okay OP

groovycrazyjoe 18

seems like no one is rocking the mom boat ;-)

CelticSkye 13

Glad you're ok, OP. I'm wondering if mom was more upset that you were getting all the attention instead of HER. I grew up in FL and know that it is SUPER easy to get tossed overboard if someone is hanging over the side OR if you are standing by the rail and the driver hits a wave wrong. Again, I'm glad you're ok.

well if things like this happen all the time you could just be. a klutz. sorry OP, thats better than attention ***** right? Glad you're ok

Lmao,moms tend to sometimes hate their sons girlfriend,so don't worry,fyl.

Yeah but dads tend to bring out the shotgun when the daughter's boyfriend is around

The shotgun scenario is a speciality of the US, though. The mother-hate-son's-girlfriend scenario is pretty universal.

As long as you don't rock the boat too much you should be good.

ROCK THE BOAT, don't rock the boat baby ROCK THE BOAT, don't tip the boat over ROCK THE BOAT, don't rock the boat baby ROCK THE BOOOOOATTT!

If she had, her boyfriend's mother would've probably accused her for faking it. It's pretty sad the mom didn't care whether she could swim or not. What a bitch. OP, talk to your boyfriend about this. Make sure he keeps his mother in line.

I highly doubt his mom would've thought she faked drowning... And at no point did it say whether or not she could swim, the mom probably said all these things after she was pulled out of the water not whilst she was in it.

I thought this fml was going to end up on you throwing up all over the boat and over your boyfriends mother

hippo1234 19

I thought she was going to fall into her puke

cryssycakesx3 22

OP puking on the mom would have been a better story.

I wanted so badly to be the first YDI, but I just couldn't...

Your boyfriend's mom is a bitch. Also, lifejackets are your friend.

AnOriginalName 19

Two things, though: it'll keep you on top of the water, though it won't necessarily save your life. So it's a personal flotation device, not a life jacket. And wearing one also won't prevent you from being thrown overboard.

They're called life jackets, and he never said that she'd stay on board, and they DO save lives...

cryssycakesx3 22

definitely better to be on top of the water than bobbing underneath it...

Some people are just really bitter about everyone else, I guess. Glad you're okay!