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  cosmosis  |  12

Eat afew green apples while youre out there. Sounds crazy but it actually does work. Cant remember what exactly it is thats in them. But it definately does help for calming sea sickness.

  MDaemonM  |  14

Yea seasixkness (if I remember right) is caused by being unable to adjust your balance to the constant motion, so eventually by spending time in a boat you should be able to adjust and feel better


Someone told them about the amount of ass you can get working cruise ships. It's ridiculous, you'd be surprised how many single's take trips and are just looking to get laid. However in OP's situation that might not be the best idea if you're already sick. Keep looking at the horizon.


Maybe OP has never been to the Mediterranean and wanted to discover that beautiful part of the world.
And as people said before OP may not have known about being seasick-prone.

By  rattusrattus  |  18

If it makes you feel any better, seasickness does go away as you get used to being on ship.

In the meantime, keep some sickbags on you, and if you have no sickbags, head for the linoleum. It's easier to clean it up than if you puke on carpet.