By Poorfish - United States
Today, my fish's tank was all green and nasty, but I had no time to clean it because I woke up late, so the job was left to my mom. When I came back, the water level seemed high, and the fish looked a little strange, so I asked my mom what she did. She said "I cleaned the tank with chlorine!" FML
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  Bloodberry  |  0

granted that the mom has failed, but don't you think that op deserves it? he starts off by saying how green and nasty the fish tank was, meaning that he hasn't cleaned the tank for a while... he's got to take some reaponsability

By  Spider_fml  |  9

Djees who could actually be that stupid... So tomorrow morning when setting the table, you put a glass of chlorine next to her milk and see if the problem becomes clear to her before it's her own intestines getting bleached. (Do stop her in time in case she actually doesn't know though...)

By  Jimboom  |  11


Though we once had to do that ona slightly bigger scale. When there was a drought in my hometown we put some fish caught from the local pond that dried up into our pool as it was left to go green seeing how we could not fill it up properly. When the drought broke and we could again refill the pool we tried to catch the fish but they didn't want out. So we dumped 2 cups of chlorine into the pool. Was kinda funny to watch all the fish just plop up to the top of the water one by one. Amazingly one fish survived about half an hour before it too went belly up.