By notyourfriend - 09/09/2014 01:26 - Canada - Peterborough

Today, my horrible boss sent me a Facebook friend request for the fifth time, in her attempt to not only bother me at work, but also through social media. FML
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Maybe she didn't get the hint the first four times...

Put her in "limited profile", she won't have access to your feed or pictures and won't be able to post. Problem solved.


Maybe she didn't get the hint the first four times...

Fifth time is a charm.

One time I didn't care, oh wait that time is now!

I think she missed the memo at last weeks meeting

She's checking too see whether you're really working or facebooking

BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

Maybe you could reject her for the 5th time? See if she gets the message then...

Well so much for the whole,"The Third Times a Charm"

lishajoy777 14

No didn't you see #16s comment. 5th times the charm.

And if it still doesn't work then the 6th time becomes the charm etc...

Put her in "limited profile", she won't have access to your feed or pictures and won't be able to post. Problem solved.

TiaBug 13

Yeah, I still don't trust it

just flat out block her then. that way she won't even be able to find your profile or send a request

ironheart98 14

I have done that in the past. It's like being friends but yet they still can't see anything of yours. It's wonderful

Maybe she's worried that her boss, being the horrible person that he/she is, will fire her?

limited and restricted.....

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Give zero access. Don't even entertain that nonsense. Your boss is trying to spy on you in a backhanded way.

How unprofessional.

You should call in Motherfucker Jones to take her out.

they do it to see if you're a good employee. if you do drugs, other illegal stuff, talk shit about work or other employees. doing that type stuff, isn't professional, regardless if it happens at work or not.

What happens in someone's personal time is their business. It doesn't have to be professional.

So 65, you are professional 24/7?

Sounds like she may not take the rejection well, ( she can't take a hint ), but I still wouldn't add her.

If you just don't accept it it gets buried in the dark corners of Facebook nobody ever comes and she can't send you new ones

Unless she cancels her current request, then she can send a new one.

Damn, youre right, I forgot about the levels of lowness horrible bosses might stoop to

Don't add her. It'll come back to bite you in the arse. Speaking from experience.

PoisonOrchid 21

Me too. Bosses and facebook are a recipe for disaster!

pwnman 33

Don't you mean ingredient?

crazytwinsmom 25

My boss who is basically a nice person tried to friend me but I have a lot of ex co workers friends on there already that bitch about the company and bosses. Not a good combo. I stopped using that acct and opened one just for family and really close friends not work people.

Don't clicks accept or decline. She can't keep sending requests and you won't have to worry about it.

Why don't you just ignore it.. Or accept and then unfriend :) there you have a solution.

jazzy_123 20

that's even worse than rejecting the request

I would keep it professional and tell her that that is apart of your personal life, which you would like to keep private. And if she doesn't follow, block her! It's the best feeling sometimes.

bad bad bad, super bad advice, you do that, you can kiss your payrise and bonus goodbye