By wobble... - 23/02/2012 11:29 - Australia

Today, I got scared by my own leg fat. FML
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You should probably do something about that... Jiggle jiggle. (;

Either you 're so fat that you're actually scary, or you're such a p*ssy that you get scared of yourself.

it's ok OP I have long black hair and when I came out of the shower my hair covered my face and i saw my reflection. I looked just like that girl from the ring. I got so scared I ran into a door:( sometime we scare ourselves, that's life :D

I had trouble clicking on this FML on my iPhone.. Damn those short FMLs!

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how exactly did you manage to do that?..

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Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.

Six fatty rolls XL jeans, stains outta controll. Big ass fool. Diet time you freaky tool. Your ugly and you know it! Put a bag on that!

Top tip: tap on the FML next to the small post and use the arrow key top left :) weed helped me solve this

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Your comment contradicts your picture.

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110- your comment contradicts your picture.

Nothin' wrong with fat chicks, it's just more to love.

I think the fat is trying to tell you something

Wait... Scared as in *saw leg fat out of corner of your eye and thought it was a bug or something*..or scared as in *OH MY GOSH my leg fat is so nasty it's SCARY :O*

It's more scared of you then you are of it...

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119- sex with what? The leg fat?!

I'm also having trouble seeing how this could happen.

Maybe something flicked one side of her leg, and then a wave of fat resembled a tsunami

OH GOD A MONSTER!. . . Oh wait, it's just you, leg fat. We meet again. . .

Person lays down, persons legs fall asleep, person goes to stand up and her legs then scare her Simple :3

Well now u know how everyone else feels when u wear shorts and tight pants

OH NO ITS MOVING-- oh wait... Never mind.

That happens to me at times. Then I go for a run. :D

Does it chase you? Scaring you even further?

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It's even scarier when he runs.

And time to lay off of Little Debbie snacks.

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Run, girl I wanna see you drip sweat. I remember that song...but instead of sweat, OP should be singing "fat"

I think the song you are referring to is just the edited version of a far more explicit song that goes into detail about a man in a club desiring to see a certain woman perform deliciously detailed sexual acts... by David Banner

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I know fat can be gross, but scary? Pleas explain. Don't worry, I'll wait.

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Gross can be scary, champ. Besides, don't outthink yourself.

41. I wanted to say that so bad! But restrained myself...dammit. Can Bieber even see through that??

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I like honey badgers better than ponies. They don't give a **** and they eat snakes.

I prefer no ponies. I prefer bloodthirsty demons. Ponies burn my soul.

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Here take this *hands him the letter Y* and finish you god damn sentence.

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*hands #14 the letter "R"* Here, now finish YOUR* god damn sentence.

Hands #19 a lower case "h". No need for the cap darling.

*confiscates everyone's letters* Now, now, children.

Dave, ill vote for you if you run for FML president. As long as you promise to take all the grammar police off this site. it would be a much healthier without them.

You do realize that you will be taken off as well 112.... Right?

Fmeonce_shameonu - Why would you give him an ill vote? That's just...Oh, you must mean "I'll vote for you." See why that grammar is so important? Without it, you look stupid. You don't like looking stupid, do you?

Bastard-you understood though, right? I appreciate you proving my point! Point being grammar isn't everything and people still understand. Thanks pal! You're not such a bad guy after all.

...and you cant think I actually care what people think of me on's not a popularity thing for me..on Friday nights I'm not at home on FML. I'm living a social life with real in the flesh people. I don't come off as stupid to them. Being I'm an engineer and help better my community on a daily basis. English was never my strong suit. But If you want to talk about advanced calculus and statics, I'm all ears. Then we can see who is "stupid". Please don't be rude anymore.

Lol, OP needs to start slimming down if it's THAT serious.

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Next time you wave hi to someone your arm fat will smack you in the face