By captainlame - 21/03/2013 05:59 - United States

Today, I returned from a 5-day cruise for my senior spring break, filled with gorgeous sorority girls from all over the country. I was seasick the whole time. FML
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ehh, shoulda whimpered and made it onto the sick puppy routine. I've been told chicks dig that


I can't decide if yours or #2's comment is worse!

"it's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean" In OP's case, the "motion" component had the opposite effect

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17 - ARGHH! ...they both suck.

#1 and #27 - "Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket Like the lost catacombs of Egypt Only God knows where we stuck it Hieroglyphics Let me be specific I wanna be down in your south seas But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean Means small craft advisory So if I capsize on your thighs, high tide B 5, you sunk my battleship Please turn me on I’m Mr.Cofee with an automatic drip" - Bloodhound Gang's "Bad Touch" (circa 1999).

If he did know, we wouldn't have this wonderful FML. Or maybe he didn't know he was prone to motion-seasickness?

Yeah, and those pills you mentioned don't work on people with extremely sensitive inner ears. I can't ever go on a boat, big or small. I can't even swing without getting sick. It sucks! I feel OP's pain.

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14 - I'm the same way, and I've found that the patches that go behind your ear work well for me. No idea why, but even the prescription pills don't work for me. I even get motion sickness while driving.

This doesn't have to do with the ears only. It could be olfactory and autoimmune. So whether or not you take medication, you still have a high chance of feeling "seasick".

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#3, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Yeah, we know.

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Sneaky Perdix. I almost went to correct you about the type of pills. Then I saw who wrote the comment and had a "duh" moment.

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My future son and two daughters names.

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#44, now it's in pill form! Back in the day, they'd tell you, "If you can't get a boner, see Alice!"

Couldn't you have taken Dramamine? It may not work for everyone, but it definitely helped me on my cruises.

And not one of those girls took pity on you? Next time take some Dramamine and stop missing golden opportunities to be less lame!!

I was wondering that too. Maybe all the girls were too drunk to notice him hunched over, hurling every few minutes, give or take.

Oh man, five days of praying to the porcelain gods :/ Gravol is your friend :)

Yeah, yeah blame it on the seasickness... Anyways, damn OP that sucks but as other already said, you could have gotten pills. Perhaps they even had them on board. But I doubt that'll make you feel better.

ehh, shoulda whimpered and made it onto the sick puppy routine. I've been told chicks dig that

Doesn't help much when you throw up on them, though.

I would suppose that it depends on the girl

You should have looked for a seasick girl and bonded over that! Would have been an awesome story to tell the grandchildren!

Pick the resort next time... its *mostly* on solid ground.