By Anonymous - 09/09/2014 16:16 - Australia - Perth

Today, I chatted to a nice guy and gave him my number. I told him I was going to sleep because I had a headache, and then put my phone on silent. He rang multiple times, and when I obviously didn't pick up, he sent several texts insulting me and calling me gutless for not responding. FML
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Dodged a bullet there!

Dodged a bullet of insecurity you could very well have not seen otherwise.


Dodged a bullet there!

Block his number ;)

No kidding. If he reacts like that, then it's best you didn't reply.

Some people just don't get it OP. Hope you're feeling better and you got everything cleared up.

Dodged a bullet of insecurity you could very well have not seen otherwise.

Sounds like you was able to get out early before something way worse could've happened.

Yeah sounds like an insecure jerk to me.

That sucks OP. Judging by that, he wouldn't have been a good boyfriend anyway.

There's this magical thing called a block button in contacts. Saved my ass 900 squared times.

900 squared times what?

@38 Math is hard for you isn't it?

Sounds like a stalker. At least you found out early on.

If I can't have you nobody can!!!

Not so nice after all

How much do you want to bet he calls himself a "nice guy having a tough time with the ladies" when he describes his dating life (or lack thereof)?

Luckily you haven't met him yet. I think its time to install Call Blocker App on your phone.