By SeaSick - 15/02/2010 05:03 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I went on a 1 day cruise to the Bahamas. It happened to be on the same day of the worst sailing conditions. We spent 6 hours throwing up together. Him into the sink, and me into the toilet. We spent $200 to see the inside of our cabin's bathroom. FML
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fake. One day in the Bahamas there's no way that would happen.

In FL you can go to the bahamas for a day, sucks that you guys didnt get to enjoy the trip!


YDI . if you knew you got sea sick why the **** did you get on the boat . and why didnt you chevk sailin conditions BEFORE you got on. the boat ??

igloos are awesome at any age. On a side note Op has some issues if she thinks this is an fml

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IM ON A BOAT! IM ON A BOAT! I honestly don't know the rest of the song... Because I jizzed in my pants

Actually, that sounds like a nice "bonding" experience

fake. One day in the Bahamas there's no way that would happen.

well i guess there were 2 ******* in the room .


agreed. one day to the Bahamas? no way that's real. nextly... I'm on a boat I'm on a boat everybody look at me cuz I'm sailin on a boat

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If this was real, next time invest a tiny bit of money in some scopolamine transdermal patches. They even have them in the on-board hospital many times. Fail-blog for OP

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there are one day cruises to the bahamas and other places, depending on where you live. maybe look these things up before jumping to conclusions.

one day cruise to the bahamas from Florida? you have to be having a laugh.

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That's what you get for blowing money in this economy.

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wtf they wanted to go on a nice holiday and ended up being sick how did they deserve that? Maybe if you knew them and they were bad people maybe then they would deserve it but other than that your just being a knob.

yea I agree with this guy ^ but that's sucks! maybe next time it'll be better? :/

I though that the reason the economy has not turned is bc people ARENT spending money like them.

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it's not a real fml anyway...and why wouldn't they check the sailing conitions before they left..YDI OP

Im picturing you both chucking your guts up while "Im on a boat" by The Lonely Island is playing in the background. Epic.

In FL you can go to the bahamas for a day, sucks that you guys didnt get to enjoy the trip!

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Ah, bonding at it's finest. Don't you just love vactions?!

YDI for being sea sick. Seriously. How can you get sea sick? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE DUDES. Even in 3m seas I've never been sea sick, or at night, or ever. Pussy. :) Much love though.

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Sigh. You are an idiot. I have chronic vertigo and I had to buy medication when I went on a cruise. Not everyone can keep from getting sea sick.

But why would you even go on a cruise if you were going to get sick and not enjoy it?

ur a ******* idiot other ppl can get sea sick dumbass

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Ginseng always helps. Oh wait. You just lost your insides. Now you won't have to worry about getting fat!