By sweatstreaks - 16/09/2011 09:38 - United Kingdom

Today, I noticed that when I sweat I smell like bacon. I'm a vegetarian. FML
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You will make some bacon lover out there very happy .

Some men may prefer that scent to perfume. I think you're set..

Your body is trying to tell you something.

It's just your body's way of telling you that you probably shouldn't eat it. I however, would be completely screwed if I smelled like bacon.

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and how is smelling like bacon a bad thing?

Eat a lot of eggs... nobody will suspect a thing.

At least you don't smell like must. I would be greatful.

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&Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips

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I'm having a hard time seeing the problem with this...(:

bacon really does make everything better. bacon and eggs, bacon on sandwiches, bacon bits in salads, Kevin Bacon, and the list just continues.

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There are alot worse things to smell like, believe me

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unless you dont eat meat because of the smell, whats the issue? do you usually lick your armpits after a workout? youre not eating yourself so who cares? i dont eat park benches but that wouldnt be a reason for me to complain if i smelled like one...

When I sweat, I smell like a cheesesteak sub. All I can say is: don't sweat the small stuff.

Sigh... That went over so many heads. Epic Meal Time.

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I want to hire you for my next birthday party:D

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I want to hire you for my next birthday party:D

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If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat? I don't care about the lack of sense this makes but I'm sticking to it

or at least just switch to porking. that shit is great ;)

We're made out of meat, too. But I see your point. I think vegetarianism/veganism is pretty pointless, but to each his/her own.

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2 - Your dog(???) is so cute! He looks like a baby polar bear! What breed is that?

102- that actually might be a baby polar bear lol

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Meat = muscle. We have muscles so is cannibalism acceptable now? Who cares... I'm a bacon addict :]

Ahaha baby polar bears are mad cute then around 7 months old they become gigantor and start fuckjng shit up for a living

Wow your dumb, just cause we have muscles doesn't mean it's cannibalism if we eat the meat of another animal.

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It's part of the stuffed animal breed.

At least you can enjoy the aroma of bacon without killing pigs :)

OP will still be popular at the gym if they smell like bacon...

The best things in life don't grow on trees; money, bitches, weed(okay maybe it grows on a tree), bacon... mmmm knowing that something died for your food makes it so much tastier...

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48 weed doesn't grow on a tree.. try posting comments while sober to avoid looking like an idiot :)