By sweatstreaks - 16/09/2011 09:38 - United Kingdom

Today, I noticed that when I sweat I smell like bacon. I'm a vegetarian. FML
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Bacon is great you should try it

It's a sign for you to switch over


Bacon is great you should try it

Bacon makes everything better.

You will make some bacon lover out there very happy .

Spider pig!!!

Some men may prefer that scent to perfume. I think you're set..

Your body is trying to tell you something.

It's just your body's way of telling you that you probably shouldn't eat it. I however, would be completely screwed if I smelled like bacon.

Bacon & beer. Mmm.

Bacon strips for hater lips.



you're such a pig, OP.

and how is smelling like bacon a bad thing?

Eat a lot of eggs... nobody will suspect a thing.

At least you don't smell like must. I would be greatful.

the perfect woman.

&Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips &Baconstrips

I'm having a hard time seeing the problem with this...(:

bacon really does make everything better. bacon and eggs, bacon on sandwiches, bacon bits in salads, Kevin Bacon, and the list just continues.

There are alot worse things to smell like, believe me

unless you dont eat meat because of the smell, whats the issue? do you usually lick your armpits after a workout? youre not eating yourself so who cares? i dont eat park benches but that wouldnt be a reason for me to complain if i smelled like one...

Who cares it's a dead animal!!!!

When I sweat, I smell like a cheesesteak sub. All I can say is: don't sweat the small stuff.

Sigh... That went over so many heads. Epic Meal Time.

It's a sign for you to switch over

I want to hire you for my next birthday party:D

I want to hire you for my next birthday party:D

If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat? I don't care about the lack of sense this makes but I'm sticking to it

or at least just switch to porking. that shit is great ;)

Save a pig. Eat a vegetarian.

We're made out of meat, too. But I see your point. I think vegetarianism/veganism is pretty pointless, but to each his/her own.

2 - Your dog(???) is so cute! He looks like a baby polar bear! What breed is that?

102- that actually might be a baby polar bear lol

It is a polar bear...

Meat = muscle. We have muscles so is cannibalism acceptable now? Who cares... I'm a bacon addict :]

Ahaha baby polar bears are mad cute then around 7 months old they become gigantor and start fuckjng shit up for a living

Wow your dumb, just cause we have muscles doesn't mean it's cannibalism if we eat the meat of another animal.

It's part of the stuffed animal breed.

At least you can enjoy the aroma of bacon without killing pigs :)

OP will still be popular at the gym if they smell like bacon...


.... shower?

No, don't shower I love you

I love love bacon...

fake and gay trololol


The best things in life don't grow on trees; money, bitches, weed(okay maybe it grows on a tree), bacon... mmmm knowing that something died for your food makes it so much tastier...

48 weed doesn't grow on a tree.. try posting comments while sober to avoid looking like an idiot :)

No one gives a crap bbhd05

Well...that sucks... For YOU

Well..... U..... R..... A BITCH

Obviously. Who else would it suck for?

For the person next to her that don't like bacon

bacon smells amazing :D