Dude, WTF?

By Okay_Then - 01/01/2014 23:49 - United States - Grand Rapids

Today, a customer started a conversation by telling me how smart he'd heard I am, and finished it by explaining his theory that only smart people commit suicide. He then gave me a knowing look and said, "Just something I thought you should think about," and left without buying anything. FML
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ByronJess 17

I bet there was some dead air after that conversation.

At least people think you re intelligent!


ByronJess 17

I bet there was some dead air after that conversation.

that pun was horrible goodness gracious

No need for a pun

I actually found the pun a bit funny.

#12 and #13 don't have a sense of humor.

They kinda killed the moment.

\ 28

Back on the subject, he's actually right. Intelligent people are more likely to recognize their faults and flaws than are... "normal" people, and to make a big deal of them. However, it doesn't mean all intelligentsia are doomed to kill themselves.

"happiness and sanity are an impossible combination." :)

notapotato 12

That's sucks OP for someone telling you that,FYL

Thanks for your advice but no thanks.........

I don't think he realised that he can get fined for that. I forget the correct wording, but encouraging suicide is a crime, and if they go through with it, the person who encouraged it can get jail time for manslaughter. I'm not sure I put that very clearly, sorry.

whats his deal

Wizardo 33

Nothing, he didn't buy anything although OP is offering buy one get one free on selected items, like condoms for instance.

JMichael 25

I think he was just warning OP that he has a better chance of commuting suicide than someone who's not quite as smart as he is.

You should of responded by telling him he's stupid

Ummm sweetheart, it's "have" not "of". You are now feeling really silly.

Yeah, that'd show him.

At least people think you re intelligent!

It's a great conversation unstarter

Well, don't listen to him!

Why does she deserve this? I fail to see that. Anyone else?

yes!! thank you!! that's just messed up!! what the heck has this works come to!?!?!

46, *world. And also, plenty of voting trolls on FML. It ain't new.

He's trying something sneaky, don't listen to him!

Look at the bright side! You're smart and people know about it! :D On a serious note, don't listen to him. He's just trying to get in your head.