By Anonymous - 16/09/2011 06:36 - United States

Today, after weeks of watching car after car of solo drivers go by in the carpool lane every day, I decided to join them. I'm the one who got pulled over. FML
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That drives me crazy when people solo drive in the multi-passenger lanes.

SirObvious 1

If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?


That drives me crazy when people solo drive in the multi-passenger lanes.

Haha you got some bad luck!

I put my blow up sex doll in the passenger seat to get in the carpool lane. I guess if I ever get pulled over, I'll tell em I'm married to her... Because I do love her....

Bbhd05 0

Rofl 14.

I used to do that before going on a diet. Now instead of three people, I look like two people. Wait... two still counts towards HOV restrictions... SWEET!

LiveLaughFML 10

i wonder how OP dealt with peer pressure at school. :X

Probably because there is a tiny sign that no one sees that enforces when single person drivers can use the lane. Maybe, I've seen them here.

buckeye08 10

There was a guy in Georgia who got pulled over because he was using a Mannequin as his "passenger". haha

Streeet_hayley 6

Someone got pulled over for having a Justin Bieber cut-out in the front seat

Keyman, your blow up sex toy is a sheep...

But isn't that the best kind of blowup sex doll? Mmm, sheep.

The fuck y'all talking about? They told me it was a miniature llama at the store! Son of a....

free2speak 14

"Today after weeks of watching people jump in a well, I decided to jump in as well. I died. They had on life vests." -- Analogy for OP's stupidity.

zach630 0

I don't get it. They have lanes based on how many people are in your car? Stupidest shit I've ever heard

BrianAlarcon 0

Haha sucks 2 be you

DrainedOfSanity 4

It's a passing lane Grandpa....

SirObvious 1

If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?

SirObvious indeed. :D

if I had a bungee cord, yes!

I wouldn't, I'd be the one calling the funeral home for their stupid asses.

I would its called parachute!!!!! Duhhhhhh

MannyM 20

If no one else used that line would you?

blargheria 0

If they jumped off a bridge, would you jump as well?

4 yes I would because of the rush :D

Those other people obviously had their imaginary buddies with them.

olpally 32

Op should have gotten a mannequin as his buddy...

hillhero 2

Dress your seat up as a person. Works every time

If they say a phrase, would you say it as well, just like they did?

slushpup9696 12

If everyone else was making bad analogies, would you too?

lliki 0

Throw a baby seat in your car

haa.. I know a girl who does that

Least the cops don't smell like actual pigs. That's one thing that they have over the other FML OP.

But... Come on it's Bacon. Everyone likes Bacon!

I've now got that old McDonalds ad stuck in my head. Bacon, bacon, bacon, everybody loves bacon!