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Today, I woke up to the smell of bacon. It smelled so good, and made me very hungry. Then I realized it was my neighbor cooking. I have no money or bacon. FML
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Glitterhinoceros 14

No bacon????? This was so intense it almost made me cry... I mean, who cares about money when you can have bacon :(


blackheart24 10

I could live on bacon. Best food ever.

Not even close to the best food ever. Much tastier foods and meats. A good piece of beef, venison, or lamb > pork. IMO fish, rabbit, chicken, duck, etc are better than pork. And you haven't lived until you've eaten exotic meats.

scoop15928 4

I have a job but I'm only paid in Trident Layers. No bacon or even money.

Occupy the Supermarket! Request lower prices for bacon, and make 1% of shoppers give you some of their food!

xoconnie 8

hm that sucks bro. i agree with the people who said get a job... cuz then u can have some bacon!!! good luck.

31 I had duck in Paris, OMG, it was so good!!!

@31 fish, rabbit, chicken, duck and a meat product called "etc" are exotic? Seriously? @op I really don't understand how people become so poor that they can not even afford bacon, I understand if you had maybe 20quid to your life but any less I really don't understand how people get into these positions.

Wait hold on #65 and #31 both claim that ducks are exotic and they're both from the US. Don't they cook ducks in America?....

Bacon, eggs, hashbrown and toast for breakfast, **** I'm hungry by the thought of it

I didn't say they were exotic. I said "And you haven't live until you've tried exotic meats". Meaning in addition to the aforementioned meats. By exotic meats I meant silkie, squib, puffin, bear, snake, alligator, lion, springbok, guinea pig, kangaroo, llama, alpaca, yak, wagyu/Kobe, elk, bison, etc.

I never said it was exotic, I just said I had it when I went to Paris. And yes, I think they cook duck in the US, I've just never had it in the US My brother has eaten guinea pig when he was in Peru.

(continued) Sorry I sent it before I was done. My parents and I also went to Peru to pick up my brother from his mission, anyways, I had alpaca and it was good, when my bro. had guinea pig, he said the 2nd time was harder because they kept the head and feet on it, lol!

Bacon is a right you gain the moment you're born, go to your neighbours house and claim this right!!

I work full time and I finished highschool and I'm broke right now what does that mean for me ???? just because some one is broke doesn't mean they didn't finish highschool

@31, other strange meat connoisseurs: I'm glad you've made it your mission to try to halve the Earth's species. FYI, it all comes out the same way ;)

Dunkin donut, grab a big and toasty with a 99 cents hashbrown, it will make you day a lot better

@92 - I didn't make it my mission do such a thing. We're on the top of the food chain. I'm in a position to enjoy their meats, skins, and furs as I like. Besides, they are/can be reproduced commercially... So what's the problem? What does it all coming out the same way have do anything with anything? Last time I checked your ass doesn't have taste buds. I like to try new foods that are fun and exciting. And I like to eat them slowly and savor their foreign taste :D!

Anonymous2194 4

You're a **** for assuming OP doesn't have a job.

Glitterhinoceros 14

No bacon????? This was so intense it almost made me cry... I mean, who cares about money when you can have bacon :(

Because of the recent economic crisis, I heard more and more Europeans are getting paid in bacon.

least their getting paid unlike some.. countries...

me_gusta_eso 1

**** it, go PIG out (; ... no? Okay.

No bacon equals depression. I ******* love bacon, as you can see from my name.

Well, if I didn't have Bacon, I would become depressed, if I didn't have sex, I would go insane. No Bacon AND no Sex would just kill me.

JoelJ 0

No one ever pays me in bacon. :(

Ask your neighbor if you can have some of their food. They will be nice enough to give you some. :)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

If you have a house or some land, grow your own fruits, veggies, and herbs. You can even grow some inside, if you don't have outside space. It cuts the costs drastically, but it does require time. That will solve your money and hunger woes. Then, if you have some left over, you can either trade some with your neighbor for bacon, or bring them to a local market, sell them, and buy some bacon yourself.

19 but it sounds like op needs the food now and can't really wait to grow their own garden. It's nice to have that yes I know I have my own but it doesnt sound like they can really wait that long.

seriouslythat 6

No bacon? Why about left overs from turkey day?

Didnt mean to send it yet. But anyways, I have an,asian friend whose parents came from china and they had thanksgiving! He thought he wasnt gonna but he did! And I dont think this is racist.

I don't know anyone who has bacon on thanksgiving

Celebrating thanksgiving is already a tad racist. You invite some people over, eat food, and then you kill them and take their land. Sweetness!

46/47, 38 is still correct because we don't have thanksgiving here in Aus and I'm sure there are other countries that don't .. It's all beside the point anyhow as turkey is NOT bacon, turkey < bacon and there can be no comparison.

steal some bacon! Its necessary for life

If you have no money, why did roughing the bacon snell cane from your house? Am I missing something..?

LadiiFresH 0

yes, your missing a lot of sense!!! because your comment made no sense it actually gave me a headache

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I thumbed this up because it made me laugh...especially the way it sounds when I read it out loud.

Who doesn't love to rough up a good bacon snell every now and then?

rillastyle 1

If you have no money or food then how do you have neighbors?

KiddNYC1O 20

Clearly you practice the American principle of "don't get a job, then complain about not having food"

ShroomsOnAcid 16

We don't know anything about OP's situation. It could be through none of their fault. Also, the FML never said anything about OP not having a job.

lmao me and my boyfriend work 14 hour days and were still starving, go **** yourself.

So that's an American principle aye? So everyone I know, even in this tough economy, who all have jobs, are clearly either abnormal, or immigrants. You ma'am, are an idiot.

32- You don't have food, but you have enough "disposable income" to have a computer/smartphone? I'd say someone needs to get their priorities straight.

TalkinSmack 6

Sounds like u and ur boyfriend need to budget ur money better

51- it's very possible she could be on the public library computers. Just saying. Or in an Internet cafe. Or even using someone else's. I don't the the phone part is relevant since people in 3rd world countries have cell phones as well.

SkardeyKat 3

I don't have much money either but I'm able to have a computer, phone, tv, all that stuff. I think she just meant they live paycheck to paycheck, which I totally understand. In this economy unless you get a 30-35k + a year job you will probably be working paycheck to paycheck, it's almost impossible to save any money.

Anonymous2194 4

Clearly you're a stupid bitch.