By shampoomice - 07/08/2013 16:34 - United States - La Porte

Today, I noticed that my new shampoo had an unfamiliar pink color to it. After some investigation, I found a dead mouse that had apparently cut itself on the bottle pump. I've been washing my hair with mouse blood. FML
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How do you think OP gets her hair so silky smooth?

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Nothing like essence of mouse to get your hair squeaky clean

Maybe you found the new ingredient for shampoo. You could be rich!!

slappygecko 21

An added plus is that she's bathing in the blood of her enemies.

Cut itself on the pump? Squeezed through a tiny pump into the shampoo bottle and drowned/bled to death in the shampoo? Or cut itself on the bottle and lay on the shelf in the shower and died? And OP never saw a dead mouse there? Someone please tell me how this is possible?

#63 I'm sure no one would enjoy the task of explaining that

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Maybe it's Maybeline! Or maybe it's mouse blood.. well whatever works for you right?

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Does anyone else wonder how enough mouse blood can get into the shampoo bottle, mix within the whole bottle, when it was only cut by the pump?

The way I read it, there was blood in the end of the pump so when OP pumped out shampoo the blood would've come out followed by shampoo and then it all mixed together, etc, etc

Obviously the mouse figured out the pump mechanism, unscrewed it, bled into the bottle and shook it to get revenge, then went to a corner to die from his injuries. He was a rather intelligent mouse. Could have revolutionized the mouse race if he wasn't so clumsy and cut himself.

Who else is going to check their shampoo next time?

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That's nasty! *Cleveland voice*

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Nastyyyyy "PterodactylMan voice"

Don't believe everything you see on the Internet - Abraham Lincoln

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Mouse blood? Oh nooo! *Gay guy from family guy voice*

*Yahhh little nastyyyyy *Raven voice*

That is gross! At least u found out now!

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She probably wanted to find out BEFORE she put in her hair.

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That's the way to be optimistic #3!!

I have the list of stupid reasons in my profile

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maybe you deserve this when you let mice invade your house till this point!

No one could ever deserve this. That's disgusting. I'm so sorry OP. For all those who said that they did deserve this, I really hope it happens to you.

Maybe some people think op shouldn't have washed her hair with the pink shampoo in the first place. She basically used a strange colored shampoo that she knew shouldn't have that color probably thinkinh 'meh'.

56- I doubt OP was like "oh hey mice! Wanna come inside and chill?"

lol... that was a nice circle you talked yourself in, 67. no one could deserve this... except people who think someone deserves it. by hoping it happens to them you just wished it on yourself.

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50--u made me read your profile lol.. and im pretty sure you covered all the basis as to why people vote ydi. Good thinking! :)

106 - Not all. Apparently I need to add 56's response to the list.

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Sorry for you OP. But look at the bright side, at least it wasn't ****

I think **** would actually be less disgusting.

Yea I'd honestly rather wash my hair with aids **** than have a dead mouse in my shampoo bottle.

You'd rather have aids than wash your hair with shampoo that has a bit of mouse blood...

I disagree, washing her hair with blood makes her a redhead. But washing her hair with **** makes her a ****

so which is it? blood of ****? what would u rather use?

if I only had those two options, I wouldn't wash my hair ever

Au naturel hair. Honestly, I wouldn't wash my hair either. Time to shave it all off!

30, HIV, as well as every other STD on the planet, dies when it's exposed to air. I can't believe you and 29 other people don't know that. Next you'll be warning me not to use public toilet seats so I don't get herpes. Besides, it's not like mouse blood doesn't have the potential to carry deadly diseases.

127 - These are hypothetical questions not to be translated literally.

That mouse must have been REALLY determined to wash his fur.