By mayoshampoo - 01/09/2014 16:59 - Canada - Toronto

Today, someone, and I still can't figure out who, switched my shampoo with mayonnaise. FML
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uhhh_khakis 2

Switch their mayonaise with shampoo

Fill their Oreos with toothpaste. Payback is a bitch.


Spread butter or olive oil on the bathroom floor when you leave. That'll teach em

cjwayy 22

That sounds pretty dangerous :/

Mayonnaise is actually really good for your hair. With the egg mixed in, it gives protein to your hair:) whoever did it was actually doing you a favor

Mayo is largely oil anyhow, use the tools you were provided and just spread that on the floor.

Find out who it is, then switch out their mouthwash with windex.

ya because hurting someone over a harmless prank is worth it

That could poison someone. I'd think I would live if I got mayonnaise smelling hair again. (I had to do that to get rid of lice) but Windex....that's dangerous and unnecessary

first of all he would jave to find the person which he cant and second of all they would notice it isn't toothpaste, unless you changed it with mouthwash

#2, you do know that windex is poisonous right?

PerditaDessa 38

Windex contains ammonia so while it is poisonous it is worse to breath in than to take a swig and spit it right back out. It'd make their mouth burn but as long as they didn't swallow it, which I cannot see why they would, they wouldn't be in too much danger from such a prank. Still a bad idea, because the pranke could be an idiot and swallow it.

64, I sure some of it can go down someones throat

I'm pretty sure that this tactic is a bit extreme.

Knightchaser27 25

Maybe you could switch it with Gatorade instead

schhichick 14

Have you guys really not heard of Shampoanaise?

Fill their Oreos with toothpaste. Payback is a bitch.

you just gave me a great idea on something to do to people who keep stealing my oreos lol

Comet_Candy 23

As an added bonus you can also freeze mentos in ice cubes and serve them in soda.

Or switch out their minty gum with carefully cut pieces of wasabi.

Why not replace the filling of the Oreos with mayonnaise?

@55 because mayo and toothpaste have different consistencies, and toothpaste would be more inline with the filling of oreos than mayo would be

8313girl 28

Man you guys are evil! Glad I'll never get the chance to piss y'all off lol.

I'm worried what you're buying if your "mayonnaise" can be mistaken for shampoo.

cjwayy 22

I don't think you understand the FML. Someone dumped out OP's shampoo bottle and filled it with mayo.

1. OP didn't know their shampoo was switched with mayonnaise. 2. If OP uses shampoo that is normally white, it would be very easy to not realize that it's mayonnaise instead of shampoo.

I understood, but mayonnaise is a thicker consistency. Oh and smells of egg. That's usually a big giveaway.

zevo1415 10

I too smell my shampoo every time before i use it.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Mayonnaise has a strong smell. You can smell it without actually trying to. Unless OP uses mayonnaise scented shampoo that's also very thick, I don't see how they didn't notice.

yikes, I pulled that same prank on my sister. its a bitch to get out

beware.. somebody will put toothpaste in your Oreos

expertsmilee 26

Why does this shampoo smell so creamy and delicious?

Check your deodorant if it's creamcheese haha

hahahahaha I've done that to my brother !

I have to assume you smelled the difference and didn't get it in your hair, right?

sparty48910 5

If they did, do you think it would be on FML?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Well, considering the fact that OP probably has to buy new shampoo, because they don't know where it went, yes, it could still be an FML.

Rosebudx 32

Mayonnaise makes your hair super shiny and soft, actually. Whoever did that was helping you out!

Rosebudx 32

I know who Ramona is, but I'm at a loss as to the meaning of your comment...