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  JayBunny  |  16

That could poison someone. I'd think I would live if I got mayonnaise smelling hair again. (I had to do that to get rid of lice) but Windex....that's dangerous and unnecessary

  noah_1234  |  24

first of all he would jave to find the person which he cant and second of all they would notice it isn't toothpaste, unless you changed it with mouthwash

  PerditaDessa  |  38

Windex contains ammonia so while it is poisonous it is worse to breath in than to take a swig and spit it right back out. It'd make their mouth burn but as long as they didn't swallow it, which I cannot see why they would, they wouldn't be in too much danger from such a prank.
Still a bad idea, because the pranke could be an idiot and swallow it.


1. OP didn't know their shampoo was switched with mayonnaise.
2. If OP uses shampoo that is normally white, it would be very easy to not realize that it's mayonnaise instead of shampoo.


Mayonnaise has a strong smell. You can smell it without actually trying to. Unless OP uses mayonnaise scented shampoo that's also very thick, I don't see how they didn't notice.