By wekasdjkasldasdkasdzcawqe - 07/08/2013 20:55 - Sweden

Today, my mother yelled and yelled at me until I apologized to our cat for not petting him when he sat on my lap. FML
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Well, cats can be quite sensitive. You don't want him to feel unloved, do you?


She loves the cat more than OP. Sorry bud.

It's like once I went off to school, the damn dog/cat becomes a new child. I honestly think my mother would rather sit in a room with our bulldog than me. Don't worry OP, you're mum isn't the only obsessive cat/dog/fish/lion/mouse/rhino/ lover

Yeah, I don't view cars as pets either. They're bad at fetching balls. They just run over them. :/

Well, cats can be quite sensitive. You don't want him to feel unloved, do you?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

As if cats have feelings. ..they eat, sleep, use the litter box, and scratch shit with their claws. I saved my cat and to this day he doesnt even act like I did a dang thing for him.

Hag! That's what you think #13 didn't you notice the number of visiting cats in you backyard? Also I hate to tell you but that poop stain in the carpet is really a plan in progress, if I were you I'd run before the cat-apocalypse

Yeah, 1PersonIsMyWorld, cats have feelings. Maybe you just didn't save your cat "good" enough. Cats are not only very sensitive, but also very demanding and non-conformist.

Watch "sad cat diary" on YouTube. Then you will understand their plight. And the song of their people...

It's a cat. You think they care about a cat's feelings in China?

#13 just graduated from idontgetsarcasm acadamy, and as for #59, they just came back from cliche camp.

Your mom may need help.. Crazy cat ladies are true I guess.

Spider_Web 11

All she wanted was for her daughter to pet her pussy when it was on her lap

myoukei 31

Does she yell and yell at your cat if it doesn't "pet" you (with it's claws) when you sit on it's lap?

iGottaFindBubbah 12

I can picture you laughing your ass off after writing this comment, you clever girl you.

Actually I regretted sending that comment right away. But oh well, not every comment can be a good one. There's always another FML.

#18... You tried too hard for that one

Glad my mom isn't like that because I have a cat myself and sometimes she'll just hop in my lap and lay down and I won't pet her because usually for her that means she wants to sleep on me without being disturbed.

DeoVolente 13

If you sat on someone's lap, wouldn't you expect to be pet and then be very disappointed if you weren't?