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Today, I decided to change my hair color. After waiting in anticipation, I took a shower to rinse out the dye and reveal my new, blue hair. Rinsing revealed not only blue hair, but blue skin caused by the watered dye running over my body. I now look like a smurf, and it's not coming out. FML
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Andr913 13

Well, now your skin matches your hair!

Time to legally change your name to 'Smurfette' by deed poll...


Andr913 13

Well, now your skin matches your hair!

now you can say you are a true avatar fan :P

thats why your suppose to use hot water and soap right after you dye it

mpj13 8

You blue it. Better luck next time.

If you read this OP, NAIL POLISH REMOVER WORKS! I used to dye my hair black all the time so I'd use nail polish remover.

I thought of Big Fat Liar first with the blue body :X

67 - Nail polish remover usually contains acetone, which is actually REALLY toxic (you can buy acetone-free, I still wouldn't put it on any more of your skin than you have to while removing nail polish). Rubbing alcohol is the way to go. I have black hair, and have been dyeing it for 12 years, I started getting a grey streak in high school, and my natural hair has faded a bit to a kind of dusty black. I also usually put chunks of blue and fuchsia in it, but I let my hairstylist do that. Rubbing alcohol is safe for your skin, and strong enough to remove sharpie and pretty much anything else.

162 - yeah and if cigarettes were REALLY bad for you I'd be dead now too :)

Op ignore these people nothing can remove the dye. I guess you will just have to be blue forever.

I imagine Tobias Funke. "I blue myself"

devandanae 11

Hot water makes the color run more and dries out your hair

She could get that stuff that takes the dye out of your scalp and put it all over her body...

Time to legally change your name to 'Smurfette' by deed poll...

My first thought was asari. I see I'm the only one.

Hair dye has never dyed my skin before but then again I have never dyed my hair a color like blue before. Think it might be the brand you're using OP. I would only trust a hair dresser with a drastic color like that to keep your hair healthy. Good luck

Colors like blue and pink only really come in semipermanent dyes and they dye skin very easily. That's why a lot of people put Vaseline along their hairline and ears beforehand.

Yo listen up, heres a story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue Like him inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue corvette And everything is blue for him And his self and everybody around Cause he aint got nobody to listen.

cynide 13

What's wrong with looking like a Smurf?

How the smurf! could the smurf be so smurf and not use her smurf when she wanted to smurf her smurf!

60- the same way by which a woodchuck can theoretically chuck wood.

There's plenty of smurfs that would love you just how you are

Sorry, but you really have thought about that one. It's pretty obvious that the dye is not going to just disappear!

Usually it disappears down the drain, though, or everyone you see with dyed hair would have dyed skin.

Actually, they usually do have dyed skin. It fades after a couple of showers though.

I dyed my hair blue once. I got the dye around my ears, and they turned blue. It took weeks to come out

This is why I wash mine over the shower rather than in the shower, and I usually get someone to help me by holding the shower head :) even if its just for the first shampoo and rinse, that way your body stays free of dye :)

Usually when you dye your hair, you rinse it out as much as you can, then have a shower id you wanted to take one, otherwise you will end up dying yourself. And to avoid the coloured neck/forehead/ears : babywipes and a mirror... And a person or a second mirror for the back of your neck! Or am i really the only one who thinks thats a pretty obvious thing to do?

This is why you rinse it out people. I didn't think there were people who didn't know that, or does nobody read instructions anymore?

I've been dying my hair for six years and I have never dyed my skin. And if the poster managed to dye themselves that blue they must have been doing something wrong or bought some really dodgy dye

that's what I used to do. Also keeps from staining the tub/shower as well

150, I'm the same as you, I've never experienced being dyed and I rinse whilst standing under the shower. The only time I've dyed my skin is when I get dye around my hair line from the process!

if you rub conditioner or vaseline around your hair line and ears before you dye, the dye wont stick to your skin..

Well, generally when dying hair it shouldn't dye that much of your skin. Around your hairline, some spots on the scalp, and your ears is normal. However that should not be enough to make op look like a smurf... Next time op should rub Vaseline on her forehead, ears, and the back of her neck.

Both times I dyed mine blue, it only took a couple days to come out. Shampoo works wonders.

ewmoldycheese 14

You can have the best Halloween costume ever

And the worst 9 months ever leading up to Halloween.

Look on the bright side. at least now you can join the Blue Man Group!

alexhaz64 4

I'm afraid she just... Blue herself.

I'm blue if I was green I would die.. Or was it I'm in need of a guy? Or I will bleed I will die? I never could tell..

It's gibberish, it's actually just "Dabadee dabadie"

Thanks 146. Guess that trip to the oracle at Delphi to find the answer wasn't worth it after all :(

NickaPLZ 26

Have fun explaining that one to your boss...

gothmo 8

It's easy, "I dyed my hair blue but forgot to rinse most of it out before I showered, it'll be gone in a little bit." Or, if it's where it should be (on their back/back of neck) their boss really shouldn't see it anyway... Or, another one, their boss doesn't care about dyed hair. Or, last one, they're a student/kid who doesn't have one atm. Just because one's hair is blue doesn't mean they'll automatically make their boss mad/not have a job.

ChelseaRaeS 7

With blue hair I can't imagine this person having a very influential job...

squideth 18

I have piercings and tattoos and I have an amazing job that I love. Please think before judging someone you don't know based on their appearance

Knightchaser27 25

Maybe OP can say it's a promotional stunt

just use soap on your skin, it should come out..

I regularly dye my hair not-found-in-nature colours. Trust me when I say when blue dye runs over your skin just from trying to rinse the stuff out of your hair, soap and water does not remove it.

Yeah dye takes a few days to fade away from skin. I dye my dad's hair and I'm not careful with my hands so my hands get some black spots that usually stay for 3-4 days.

lizzi02 13

I use rubbing alcohol to get it off of my skin :/ normally for spot-treatments

Or a magic eraser. I had to do that for a bad spray tan.

The_F3rris 11

Damn, what kind of dye did you use? I want to try it.

Manic Panic is a good one. I actually have it in my hair right now.

No sploosh is permanent and hellacious to try and get out of your hair. It last six months to a year. I used it this summer, but the back of my back was as pink as my hair afterwards. My best bet is that that's what she/he used.

hryffff 11

You could search online how to get it out?