By Anonymous - 18/11/2009 04:08 - United States

Today, my water wouldn't go down my shower drain. Confused, I stuck a metal stick expecting hair, but instead stabbed and pulled up a rat that was dead in my drain. FML
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omglmalamoaooaoooooaaaaoao i hope you saved it in a jar

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Quick! They let the wild retard escape!

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thats messed up. but how the hell do you find out its a rat?i know you didnt pull it out.

I think this is fake. There's no way to pull a rat up through a drain especially since there is that x in the way so things don't get dropped down or the plug. In addition to that, the first turn a pipe makes going from any drain is usually at least a 90 degree so a metal stick wouldn't have made it far. Nice try OP but there's no way that this isn't fake.

Have you heard of a thing called screws, which you can remove and them pull out the drain cover and whatever was stuck in the drain?? OP is lucky the drain cover was well attached, because rattie just tried a home invasion and died stuck there after it failed. Had the drain cover not held, it would have been in the bathroom.

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My drain doesn't have an "x", just a hole.

I agree with #3... your drain would be too tiny to actually pull it up. Plus usually if you stab something that heavy, the spear would pull out of it instead of pulling it up.

Stop being smart and just enjoy op's misfortune

Maybe a big wholed drain and a tiny baby rat or something, but still might be fake. If it is true though, i hope you are able to shower without rat paranoia

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dear Lord. you have the most effed-up life on the entire site.

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These "Other button" posts are getting annoying as hell.

Yeah coz a shower drain is big enough to pull a dead rat from. At least go with a mouse or something!

Yep, they have collapsible skeletons I'm pretty sure anyways. Besides, her shower drain might be different than yours, #9.

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Oh goodness, I really had to laugh at that because I can just picture the turtles looking horrified and a long awkward pause Brilliant