By Anonymous - 18/10/2010 00:27 - United States

Today, I found a surveillance camera in my room. FML
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I put it there. I like watching you sleep. it facsinates me.

tweetbaby: you look like a man.. totally Un-Sexy

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I think I can see the mustache... hmm

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"doo doo doo doo tell me who's wachin"

tweetbaby14 18

wow thanks haters. it's very nice of you to dedicate your comments to me.

ugh ******* hell what a fail that was lol the other one said it didn't post lmao

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I agree. tweetybaby looks like a guy. Go haters!

tweetbaby14 18

yea I look so manly that I was asked to be a model (more than once). wait, before you come up with a brain busting attempt at an insult, I'll guess what it's going to be along the lines of. it'll be something like yea you were asked to model men's clothing hardy har har I'm so funny. quite frankly I've had a shitty day so I don't give a hell what you have to say. I hope you enjoy picking with people over the Internet like a bunch of little pansy ass bitches. why don't you come to my city and find me? it is in my profile after all. do it. I really want to see if you will come and say it to my face or if you're a little Internet pussy that'll sit behind the screen jacking off to my "manly" picture. grow some balls or shut up.

yeah why is everyone being an ass to you, you do not look like a man at all.

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are you a chick or a dude? all Asians look the same to me.

*sees meme picture* if she felt that much a need to change it, my guess is she really did look like a man

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nice. at least ur a Internet star! something you always wanted to be.

ahaha now you'll find videos of you masturbating online. ;)

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put it in dad and moms room, upload everything to facebook

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Are you in a college dorm or your parents' house? I take it you have been giving the camera some interesting material to bring to its master. Please describe.

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I'll send you them... for a price

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now someone can jackoff to you jacking off

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or if he was watching **** he would be jacking off to someone jacking off while someone else was jacking off to him

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#70, your comment made my day! :D