By hantavirus - 26/08/2009 08:44 - United States

Today, I found out that the horrific smell coming from somewhere in my kitchen was a rotting dead mouse in my dishwasher. I have been eating off plates washed in dead-mouse water for the past week. FML
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that it honestly the grossest thing i have ever heard. fuck your life.


well at least the mouse got clean after the first wash :)

Soooo fake. How would a rat get into your dishwasher without you noticing? Second, it would've left some kind of residue on your dishes, like hair or something. Third, when you open the dishwasher and you smell that instead of soap...I mean seriously.

I agree with #23

#23 is right! =]

Adding onto what #23 said: I don't think a dead mouse would smell horrific. I've had dead mice at my cottage lots of times.

#23 might be right. BUT, if this is true... then that's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. FYL. And you might want to go see a doctor.

Absolutely NOT fake! This happened to me a couple months ago. Well, my mother. I sure noticed the first day I came to visit. It was disgusting, I still have nightmares.

seriously, ydi for being a dirty hobo

actually mice can smell horrific one got caught in my heater vent n it smelled like ass for a while til we foundout what it was but if it was bein washed over n over with soap i dunno

First the mouse (reling on gravitiy and the fact they didn't see it for a while) was in the bottom of the dishwasher where water drains not enters. Second, dish washer soap is prety powerfull therefore killing any possible bacteria on the dishes Third everything in the dishwasher, including the mouse would be drenched in detergent scented water every time she opened the door therefore masking the smell fourth it could have entered through the drain or while the door was open

Yeah, how does a dead rat in the dishwasher go unnoticed for a week?

YDI for not handwashing you lazy ass

What was techno music star Deadmau5 doing in your dishwasher? Did you party hard or what!!

Thank-you officer obvious.

Did it taste like chinese?

WTF, I bet it tastes just as rotten as you, #79, ignorant mother-f*@#er racist.

thts just gross first losers haha

i agree with #85, EPIC fail.

that it honestly the grossest thing i have ever heard. fuck your life.

agreed. there isn't really a word to describe that. beyond disgusting... not even close. :P

101- it's a mouse you idiot. They're small. Rats are big. If you don't notice a rat, you're retarded. If you don't notice a mouse, you don't inspect every crack and crevice of your dishwasher. Dumbass.

that is do you NOT notice a dead rat in your dishwasher? YDI for not noticing it....even though that's probably really harsh.

How do YOU not notice that it was a mouse and not a rat? ignorant bitch

Eww that's gross

don't you ever look inside there as your loading up? and common you'd notice something in there that redic. ydi

ur retarded, read what narsty said

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..

except paralysis. and degenerative diseases.

Haha well fyl but look at it this way it's good for ur immune system