By Cary - 26/12/2011 06:17 - United States

Today, I noticed that my girlfriend has a deeper voice than I do. FML
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perdix 29

Well, Selena Gomez is kinda butch. Don't worry, Justin, your squeaky high-pitched voice is inexplicably popular, probably because it's slightly less irritating than Rebecca Black's.

Girls with deeper voices are usually beautiful...!


Girls with deeper voices are usually beautiful...!

Does she sound like James earl Jones?

skeezle 0

The people who thumbed up 2s comment are all probably deep voiced females lol

dr girlfriend?

If she sounds like James Earl Jones, tell her to say "Luke, I am your father" (if anyone got that joke)

madgrinchhatter 12

No, nobody got the joke. Because nobody has ever heard the second most quotable line in all of Star Wars

47-I got Holden's joke. Sure, I don't watch StarWars that much, but I grew up with it around me and I know most of the awesome quotes.

Not at all true. Scientifically, a girl having a lower voice would indicate she has lower levels of estrogen and higher amounts of testosterone. Girls with lower estrogen and higher testosterone have less womanly faces and bodies A.K.A they would be less attractive.

Really? Because I always imagined girls with the deepest voices to be overweight Russian, Scandinavian, or Polish people named Helga. Just kidding I thought I might bring out some stereotypes for people to argue aboot.

Donna Pinciotti from That 70's Show was pretty and she had a super deep voice

I kinda have a deep voice. D: Well not like creepy deep but deeper than most girls...

Don't thumb me down just because you don't like the facts.

emmanizzer 6

Damn. And I was under the illusion that that turned men on. Well, now what I am I supposed to get men with? My personality? Bah!!

He was being sarcastic, smart one.

kimmy40000 0


Thank you 2, I feel better about myself now

Well, there goes my self esteem. Again.

What if I told you, that how your face and body looks, does not rely on the amount of oestrogen and testosterone, but on the genes you got fromm your mom and dad.

My boyfriend made a comment in passing about how deep my voice was. Not sure if it was a good thing tho.

Buttsexpirate 9

I wouldn't worry about it till she starts going "Hey, hey, hey, it's Big Bertha." Otherwise it's kinda sexy.

"Hey hey hey it's Fat Albert" instantly came to mind after reading this haha

blink182AAR 6

So? Maybe you have a high voice.

Justin Bieber ?

uFayel 6

Justin Bieber has a low voice now though.

Nuclear_Ninja 6

Does she smoke? I remember hearing at school that if women continually smoke, their voice gets deeper

JurassicHole 5

"Dude looks like a lady..."

xXxIracebethxXx 14

It's okay, OP, I have a higher pitched voice than my boyfriend :D Oh, wait...

You should not let it bother you. Now, if her nuts hang lower than yours, that's a different story...

Check if she have an adam's apple

icanhazblivions 1

the second?

chell1894 13

I can't tell if this is an fherlife or fhislife. It could be go either way

leadrunner751 3

is Selena's voice really that much higher?

Who the hell are you dating?

*all the* not alkaline.... alkaline ?how does one- never mind I'm not even going to ask...

Chaos187 6

Apparently a girl with a deeper voice than he does. Does anyone read properly anymore?

Did you perhaps reply to the wrong comment?

AlaskanEskimo34 0

I believe he's dating Selena Gomez still.

What's wrong if a girl has a deeper voice than a guy? Does that automatically her weird? No. Be happy with what you got.

*Automatically make her weird....damn ipods -.-

Is her dick larger too?

it's a girl, dumbass.

frankothetanko 0

whoa there, I think someone has penis envy^^

do voice deepening exercises like batman. problem solved. *adjusts voice* "where were the other drugs going? do i look like a cop?"

perdix 29

Well, Selena Gomez is kinda butch. Don't worry, Justin, your squeaky high-pitched voice is inexplicably popular, probably because it's slightly less irritating than Rebecca Black's.

I knew someone was gunna say that lol.

Perdix, you are my hero.

KiddNYC1O 20

^ Seriously. Freaking ass kissers...

perdix 29

Come on! Someone wants to give me a compliment, you don't have to jump all over them.

FUUUUUUUU- You beat me to it!

thatoneitalian 3

Why ya gotta beat me to it? :/ I was about to type that..

wtf? why were alkaline the comments deleted?

or have her say "i'm calling from inside the house"