By car trouble - 14/10/2016 08:12 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, my dad refused to pick me up because he didn't want to get off the couch, so I had to walk for an hour and a half to get home. When I finally got home, my dad had gone out to pick my sister up from her friend's house. Her friend lives a 3-minute walk away. FML
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A 3 min walk would be a 1 min drive as opposed to 90 min walk. So maybe he was too lazy to drive that far? Regardless, that's really sad and frustrating.


A 3 min walk would be a 1 min drive as opposed to 90 min walk. So maybe he was too lazy to drive that far? Regardless, that's really sad and frustrating.

It takes 90 minutes to walk to my school from my house but it only takes 5 minutes to drive to my school. It could not have been that far.

#17, are you walking through tall corn mazes and thick mud? On what earth does a 90 minute walk, which I'm assuming would be on the same roads you take that 5 minute drive in, turn into a 5 minute walk? Even with zero cars on the road, it should be at least 15, or you're over exaggerating the walking time.

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#19, that's a bit harsh. My school is 5 miles away so it takes about 5 minutes to get there, but walking would take almost an hour.

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Think about it in terms of speed. If you walk 2 mph and someone drives 30 mph, then they're going 15x faster. That means it takes then roughly 6℅ of the time make the trip.

#19 You're assuming a lot. My school was 5 miles away, which was an 8 min drive and a 90 min walk. When you drive you can use the freeway, when you walk you have to do so on the side roads.

At which point he had rested for 1.5 hours. He probably needed it.

Except that making a kid walk for an hour and a half is bullshit. The average person walks about five MPH from what I've observed- that's a seven mile walk, roughly. And OP wasn't planning, or have any reason to expect to have to, walk that distance. Meaning they very likely had no water, no sunscreen, and that if anything had happened to them, it very likely would have taken HOURS for the father to even notice they were missing, and it would slow down search efforts because they'd have to check EVERY route that goes between the two locations. So OP's father not only endangered their health, but their safety, then turned around and, barring the younger sibling having health issues, showed an outright stupid amount of favoritism. Nothing about this situation is okay- when you have kids and keep them, your signing up to take care of them. If he was REALLY that tired, he damn well could have asked a friend for a favor and sent them to pick OP up if he had the energy to pick someone a few minutes away up. Being tired doesn't excuse being an asshole parent, and making excuses for bad parenting doesn't magically fix the problem.

I would like to know what people you observe, 8. I walk quickly compared to most, and it takes me about two hours to walk five miles at my normal pace. And OP wouldn't exactly need sunscreen or water, it's not like they're out running a marathon or backpacking through the wilderness. It's just a few miles.

OP lives in New Zealand where it's approaching summer. Sunscreen or water at the very least would indeed be a good idea.

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At least, now you know actually who the favorite is. lol

I'm guessing your sister's friend is hot, and your dad got his lazy ass off the couch just to see her. Enlisting your sister as his wingman? Epic.

Using his daughter as a way to spy on presumably teenaged girls? Perverted.

are you the older sibling, OP? there's sort of a double standard with younger siblings, parents will go out of their way to help the younger one and in this case leave the older one to walk.

He just wants you to burn some calories what's wrong with a little work out?

While it does suck for you, I think this all depends on how old your sister is. Even if her friend's house is a 3 minute walk away, if she's aged 4-6, I can understand why your dad would go get her, because we live in a time where young children can easily get kidnapped if they're seen outside alone.

I dont know why but i know that this comment will get thumbed down, i totally agree that her age is important in this situation

Maybe because the dad could have easily picked OP up and VERY easily been home with time to spare before picking up the younger sibling? Thus, it wasn't a matter of having to choose who to pick up, but the dad being either a jerk or an idiot.

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And, during OP's hour and a half walk home, what if she had been kidnapped by someone? Or what if she was raped? Or murdered? Anything could have happened to OP, too.

True, anything can happen to anyone, but I can imagine that children are more vulnerable to those sort of things when they're alone in public, which I guess depends on where they live specifically.

The point is that it wasn't a matter of having to choose who to pick up. He endangered OP- who, having walked a longer path, alone, was in MORE danger because he didn't feel like picking them up. And then picked up their younger sibling when he easily could have picked them both up.

I have that same issue. I don't understand it.