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Why so serious? Let her put a smile on that face. But what should I know, do I look like someone who has a plan?

Master the batman voice and have battles. Epic :)


Why so serious? Let her put a smile on that face. But what should I know, do I look like someone who has a plan?

As long as she doesn't start talking about how cheap dynamite is and burn your money, I think you will be ok. 1. Did you notice that during the scene with 2 face, he has a finger over the guns hammer? He only gave the illusion of choice.

She's the girlfriend he deserves. No, I never noticed that actually, that's very intruiging!

Yep. When they did a closeup at the hospital bed scene the Joker had both hands on 2 faces, and I believe it was the pointer finger of the Jokers right hand was actually resting on the revolvers hammer. The effect of the barrel pressed up against his forehead drew your eyes away from the hammer. A second blow your mind idea could be this,,,, would you have noticed his finger on the hammer if he has not been so dramatic by placing the gun in 2 faces hand against his head?

I don't know much about guns- what's the significance of his finger being on the hammer there?

Don't get on her bad side OP or she'll cut you into little pieces and feed you to her pooches!

You are amazing

I'd only be worried if she does it in bed

I don't know. Some people might find that kinky!

Yea just wait until she shows you what she can do with a pencil!

Now you see it, now you don't

Actually, if he finds a Harley Quinn wannabe, he'll have a hell of a night.

Master the batman voice and have battles. Epic :)

Or master a two face impression and get a coin. Heads, we have sex. Tails, and we still have sex.

I make my own luck

Or -- Heads or Tails could also mean. . . __?___ (Fill in the blank) :P

heads I eat u out, tails we're doing anal

Heads, you give me tail. Tails, you give me head.

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Wanna know how I got these scars?

Haha, no, that's always been my picture. It was me on Halloween.

Harley Quinn, I presume?

That's no joke.. That would really drive me batty.

Like your awful pun?

Yeah, just like my awful pun.

You are forgiven.

Just don't ask her to show you a magic trick.

I'll never look at pencils the same! :P

Just make sure to keep some lights on in the hose at all times

Its short for pantyhose. If you keep christmas lights down the legs of your pantyhose, not only do your legs stay warm but you look really festive. And you also get a power-cord to follow you around.

I would be impressed. That's pretty cool.

She should use that voice in the bedroom.

"Look at go" !!!