By Daryll - 22/01/2009 00:44 - United States

Today, I met a girl who had a deeper voice than I do. FML
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was it Justin bieber? wait you said deeper...

Was it Dr. Mrs. The Monarch? :P


get her to hum with your balls in her mouth.

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you met Justin beiber!

Justin beiber is a girl!? I thought she was an anthropomorphic beaver...

f HER life, surely?

OP, I don't think that was a girl sweetheart.. xD It might have just looked like one.

Was it Dr. Mrs. The Monarch? :P

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#3LOOOL , it know a lot of girls with deeper voices than me, but then again im only 12 so...

wow I had a deep voice when I was 10. it was deeper than a group of faggot skater 16 year old white kids. it was hilarious cuz they thought they were tough and they didn't even have Pube-Staches yet. I almost had a chinstrap and a goatee! that's just me though, I'm an earlybloomer. (except for my dick) :(

I think Katy Perry has a deeper voice than me. And I'm a Bass.

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That has nothing to do with the FML!

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I think i know that girl...

you prob still have your 12 year old voice, dont worry in a while it'll get better:P

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Have you taken health lessons yet? No? Well let me introduce you to a new concept. Its called "puberty" its a magical thing.