By Anonymous - / Wednesday 18 December 2013 01:55 / China - Shanghai
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  SimplyBird  |  9

I guess it depends on if he has a good singing voice or if he just accidentally embarrassed himself :p I would laugh if someone serenaded me in an offtune voice, but it's the thought that counts

  Jiplo  |  18

I hope she does indeed remember as a happy memory. And OP, don't worry about your soprano voice too much. Keep in mind that Frankie Valli had a very high soprano and sang beautifully. Persevere towards your goals!

  jazzy_123  |  20

he definitely should! My boyfriend doesn't know anything about singing and I told him to sing and he's a tenor, or "tender" as he likes to put it (lol), its hard to do that so be proud of yourself OP! I know guys who've tried doing falsetto for years and still can't get it.


No, there aren't. There are lots of tenors. When there are male sopranos, they are children. In fact, the male voice type that is higher than tenor, countertenor, doesn't even show up in musical theater. Countertenors mostly only show up in opera.

  jazzy_123  |  20

72, you should really go to an opera. I was in choir in high school and participated in bigger choirs where women were sometimes a bass (they hit the lowest notes with the men) and men were soprano (they hit the high notes with the women). So yes, it IS possible.

By  cricketsins  |  36

If it was meant to be a serious thing then that's just rude. Not even autotune can fix the singing voice that my boyfriend has - yet I would be honored for him to serenade me.

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