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Today, I realized why I never hear my voice echoing when I sing to my boyfriend on Skype; he just mutes me. FML
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SuperMew 22

Have you asked him if he likes to be sung to?


mif_fml 27

A pretty mean hint finding out that way..

do you ever upvote someone cause they're cute?

well every time he has tells u story or something funny mute him or if he sings even better :)

I mute anyone that starts singing unless I've asked them to. Well the first time it's okay, but after repeating the same line for the last 5 minutes, they're being muted or hung up on if they don't stop when asked. OP's bf could at least ask.

That was a pretty long winded comment *mute* love you more babe!

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

#46 But you said you "never" hear yourself echo on Skype when you sing and that he just "mutes you." So the way it's worded, it sounds like it's happened multiple times. Has it, or is that just how you worded it?

#50, hate to break it to ya but that's not OP, don't know why he or she is acting like they are though

FML won't let me delete that comment, SHIT

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Well then looks like someone wants a sister wife

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Please, could you imagine how annoying that would be?!

Actually I think it's kinda cute that OP's boyfriend didn't have the heart to tell her that she was bad at singing, I mean sure it sucks for OP to find out that way, but it's still sorta sweet that he really cared about her feelings.

Meowdisen 15

#28 While I do get what you're saying, and agree with you to a certain degree, I think that you should always be truthful to your significant other. Trying to be sweet by lying to them is kinda shitty.

#34, he didn't lie to her. He just didn't say anything.

#39, withholding the truth is also a way of lying imo :/

If guys always said how a girl looked in a dress, few of us would ever get laid. Sometimes omissions are a necessary part of relationship. Good comes with bad and you have to accept compromise. This all being said I kind of think it's a you deserve it because really no one wants to hear someone sing on skype all the time, especially if you're a bad singer.

aruam365 24

I don't think you know what a lie of omission is. It's not a lie of omission when a man says a woman looks nice when she doesn't, that's more of a white lie. There is an aspect you're omitting but since you're making up the truth with a lie, it's no longer a lie of omission. If you said nothing at all, technically it could be considered a lie of omission. I agree with the second part though, it would be incredibly annoying for someone sing on skype.

No, I believe I know what a lie by omission is. I also have said my piece. White lie, lie by omission, pr any other type is all the same. It's just dumb to assume people don't "lie". Pick and choose your battles was my point. Ignorance plays no part in my comment. However the rest of your comment is appreciated and agreeable in my opinion:

#34, don't get me wrong, I completely agree with you. I didn't mean to come across saying that OP's boyfriend is totally in the clear, because after all, like you're saying, a relationship is about being truthful and open to each other. I just don't think that he's a complete douche bag like other comments are saying because I don't think that OP's boyfriend was intentionally try to hurt OP.

That was the premise of my argument. The only issue I was correcting was that you said maybe I don't understand something. No harm no foul. I was simply explaining I do. I promise not to lose sleep based on anything anyone says. I'm really hard to offend. I like debates and a little shit talking, but be warned of I feel I'm right I'll defend it. To each their own. :)

Oh, suuuure. That's REEEEEAL classy. Listening to some cavewoman spew more obscenities than a sailor sets my heart ablaze every single time! Yeah, ablaze, like eating too much sriracha.

For what?! That would make you an enormous bitch! He doesnt want to listen he shouldnt have to listen! What if he asked her to not sing but she wouldnt listen? Would you want him to cuss her out? Nooo because then he'd be and emotionally abusive asshole who op needs to dump. Back on topic: I for one hate when people sing, so i'd mute her too.

SuperMew 22

Have you asked him if he likes to be sung to?

Karenezzy 20

Your not the original poster! Stop acting like you are.

If you where OP then your messages would be in blue and we wouldn't be able to like or dislike them -_-

Sorry if I made spelling mistakes, I am about to pass out

He should have just told you nicely. Learning on your own is worse than being told. Cowardly on his part, keeping his thoughts from you, no?

Stephencharis 14

break up???....that's about the only thing you guys do in the west....SMH

Here come comments from people saying "leave him" and "he's not worth your time". Would you seriously break off a relationship because of something like this?

I agree. I mean I would be hurt that he couldn't just tell me but I wouldn't dump him over that. There's way worse reasons to dump someone.