By manutdlol - 13/12/2009 06:15 - Malaysia

Today, I found out that my girlfriend has more armpit hair than me. FML
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semmita 0

Girls grow armpit hair too. Take a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up.

Today, I found out that girls have hair on their bodies! This is not like porn at all! AAAAAHHHHHH! FML! Grow Up.


r1cthj 0

wow that sucks dude, she asian?

babelini 12

why do u ask that? are asian girls supposed to be hairy?

suaveneanderthal 0

Yeah i bet she has more armpit hair then you because you sound like you haven't hit puberty yet just by the fact that you are concerned with how much hair she has at all. In case you haven't heard OP, girls have body hair too, and guess what some have more of it then others! does this in anyway take away from their sexiness or womanliness? hell no it doesnt. Guess what else you're going to learn sometime after you hit 13 years old OP? that girls take shits, bleed, fart and smell funny sometimes! Life is full of lessons

#29 Have fun screwing monkeys. I like women that don't look like they have Don King in a headlock.

starshine3987 0

She's probably a hippie ie white. Why would an asian be hairy? I don't think I know any asian hippies. All the hippies I know are white with the occasional black exception.

pretty sure she'd be asian, they OP is from malaysia

& half of us like guys who don't look like DK, but hey, we don't always get our dream. -w- xx

isaiaha11 2


hmmm I'm wondering if it's worse for you or for her

reCHARGEable_fml 0

Asian girls in America are so fine..

we gotta lot of racist f*cks on here...

Quest_ 13

So what?

I posted something like that last week and it got denied

blland 0

only malays are allowed to post about long armpit hair

nyahahaha_fml 0

thats kinda sad.. my boyfriend's little sister has more armpit hair than him.


just ask her to shave her armpits nicely if it bothers you that much. Geeze get over it. Women grow hair under there arms too...

semmita 0

Girls grow armpit hair too. Take a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up.

Batman4890 0

hahahaahhahaahahhahaahhaahhahahahahahahaha thats sick! FYL :L