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Today, I met someone really cool and their departing words were, for some odd reason, "We should totally be friends, I mean unless you're schizophrenic or something, haha!" I have schizophrenia. FML
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People are so ignorant about mental disorders. They assume that if you have DID, schizophrenia, bi-polar, etc. that you're automatically "Crazy." Sorry to hear that OP. I concur with the odd departing words as well. Who says that? lol

I'm sure he's just making a failed attempt at a joke


Watch out OP, he's on to you! Or is he?

It doesn't sound like OP has been found out. Play it cool OP! Don't be their friend OP. you can do better.

And that someone is watching you when you sleep.

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Yes 45. But what evidence do we have that OP isn't a paranoid schizophrenic?

46- What evidence do we have that OP isn't a sea monster?

47, OP didn't ask for three and a half American dollars.


It was obviously a joke. Not a very nice one, but I'm sure the person wouldn't have said that if he/she knew op was a schizo.

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Why does everyone assume this person she met is a guy?

#90, Cause nobody is gay or lesbian on the internet apparently

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Op is not a "schizo," she is just a person who happens to have schizophrenia. People shouldn't classify a person because of their mental health disorders. OP is just a person, who happens to have schizophrenia.

I'm sure he's just making a failed attempt at a joke

And a failed attempt at making a friend.

16 - I'm sure they can still be friends. Plus, this might be a great way for them to learn about the condition so they don't make stupid comments like this again.

He probably meant "unless you're a psycho killer who connects numbers to terrorist attacks" Erm- are you?

I'm sure it was just a joke, as you said. Perhaps it was a compliment? He may have meant that OP had such a great personality, he was afraid that OP would change personalities.... No, still a crappy joke.

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Maybe OP imagined the person O.o

People are so ignorant about mental disorders. They assume that if you have DID, schizophrenia, bi-polar, etc. that you're automatically "Crazy." Sorry to hear that OP. I concur with the odd departing words as well. Who says that? lol

Well, you can hardly hold it against people... People are fed absolute crap about schizophrenia and other mental disorders... Dr. Phil and Oprah had this family on their respective shows... Their child had the worst case of schizophrenia that the doctors have ever seen in someone that young. The child's behavior WAS crazy. It was intense and it was scary and it made it seem like that's what schizophrenia is always like. My boyfriend has a mild case of it that was way worse when he was young... He would have a little pet mouse that followed him around and told him to do "bad things". He eventually grew out of that, though. He still has his moments but nothing like seeing people or pet mice. He sees the occasional shadow and hears the occasional noise, but that's pretty much it. Most people with schizophrenia eventually learn to live with it... Or get medicated to a point where it hardly bothers them anymore. But the regular folk don't know that. They believe all the crap on TV.

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I'm a little schizophrenic and I never had any hallucinations. Unless I smoked a lot of pot. It's a complicated syndrome. The test for diagnosing schizophrenia had 12 dimensions, if I remember correctly. Only paranoia and dissociation (feeling detached from yourself) applied to me.

I won't pretend to understand the much about the disorder but I know that my ex is a paranoid schizophrenic and that he did have hallucinations and heard voices (pre-medication). We're still friends and we hang out, but prior to his medication and diagnosis he declined abruptly into bizarre (and on one occasion, dangerous) behavior. He had been living with it for years without ever telling anyone, and the doctors said he had a pretty strong mind to live with it for as long as he did. A long-winded response, I know. In short I agree with you guys - people aren't crazy just because they have schizophrenia or are bi-polar or the like.

I suffer from bipolar and have had similar reactions. Or worse, the idiots who say its not a real disorder and I'm making it up. I don't tell anyone anymore in real life unless they need to know because the stigma against it is SO vast. You can thank a lot of crime shows for that too. Any episode I've seen (mind you its been few) the criminal has a mental illness.

This reminds me of when I was with my 3 guy friends who are all schizophrenic, and this pretty woman came up to us for a light. She felt weird because my friends kept staring at her, and she casually mentioned that she felt like a schizo. It was really awkward after that.

People are dumb. A similar thing happened to me once with bipolar. I actually did become friends with the person and never told them.

Schizophrenia isn't something to joke about. My father has it very bad, and people's don't know what hell he goes through

@63 I'm sorry to say that this is actually kind of true. A lot of criminals do have mental issues, but that doesn't make them criminals. It's just a part that could 'help' them get there. And with 'mental issues' I mostly mean condcut disorders and anti-social disorders (not sure if I'm naming them right, I learn about this in Dutch..). But it could also mean completely different things, like a lower IQ, autism, ADHD. But there often is something mental.

Conduct disorder - diagnosed before the age of 18 but is a requirement for having antisocial personality disorder (cluster b). Just if anyone wanted some clarification. Btw I also have a cockatiel that looks just like your derp!

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6- THANK YOU!!! I am a schizophrenic and have had so many ignorant comments directed at me- people asking me if I had ever tried to kill someone, people acusing me of "faking it" just to get attention, and boyfriends break up with me because I am a "crazy bitch", and even people telling me that I am possessed. You are so right, it is shows that show the extreme types of schizophrenia and then makes people think we are all like that.

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Maybe they don't exist, and the only reason they mentioned schizophrenia is that it's a projection of your subconscious mind and you actually hate yourself so you subconsciously projected a personality that would dislike you because of schizophrenia into that person.. But I wouldn't think too hard about it...

I can actually imagine that in House's voice.

I feel like this is ridiculously stupid but somehow still makes sense...

This comment sounds alot like the movie Fight Club

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I seriously had to read that twice very carefully to get what you were saying PleaseStayChill! XD

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Hate to be " that person" but maybe they're a figment of your imagination. My brother has schizophrenia and this happens to him a lot....

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I have schizophrenia firsthand and I can call bullshit about your brother right now. I doubt you even have one.

Don't worry about it OP, he was probably just attempting at humour, and failed horribly. I'm sure that if you told him that you do have schizophrenia, you'd both be able to laugh off the whole situation :)

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OP - "Lol, I do have schizophrenia!" Cool person - "Hahahaha, you're so funny!" OP - "Yeah... But seriously... I have schizophrenia" Cool person - "…"

He didn't know op, don't write him off just yet. He may turn out to be a really good, who will probably be mortified when he realises what he said. Give him a chance, it was a slip of the tounge, we all make mistakes.

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Doctor House came up with that theory already. Go read through all back-related injuries from A - Z again, Chase.

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You apparently have no idea what schizophrenia is. It is not having more than one personality. Try Googling it and educate yourself so you don't continue to spread your misinformation.

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35- 14 was wrong, and does need to be better informed. 15 wasn't even being rude about it. They were just trying to be helpful by attempting to correct misconceptions like that. Mental health discussions have the potential to be harmful if the parties involved start making thoughtless comments.

you guys seriously need to learn to tell when someone is joking >.>.