By Anonymous - 19/01/2010 00:01 - United States

Today, I met my new college room-mate. He then introduced me to his imaginary friend. FML
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Inform him that if his "friend" is going to be sharing the place with you guys then the rent needs to be split 3 ways instead of 2. Either your roommate will have to come up with the money or he'll get mad at his "friend" for not contributing and hopefully he will evict him. :-)

JoshTheMaggot 8

tell him to take you to Fosters. I want to meet Bloo.


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that's epic. mlia, not fml.

don't be rude say hi idiot lol I think he's a great roomate or has a sense of humor. you should get one.

once you reach a certain age, it's no longer an imaginary's now a severe case of schizophrenia.

gayguysf 0

dude you totally deserve it for going to college


JoshTheMaggot 8

tell him to take you to Fosters. I want to meet Bloo.

Imagine a threesome with an androgyn person that you can shape the way you want. Sounds tempting amirite? still FYL as he will probly initiate the threesome by rubbing his genitals against you in your sleep :)

and this is a bad thing because? this is epic, i agree with #1. MLIA not FML

welcome to college. we all go through this. there are literally dozens of books out there about this sort of thing. mlia not fml.

pwincessa23 1

well now u have two room-mates! Lucky lucky you!

Urbanchiller 0

does his friend pay rent too?

Maybe you can introduce him to real people? lol. Or convince him that your the lunatic and he can move out.

**** you bish

#78 bitch* and why are you even commenting stuff like that do you nothing better too do?

it wouldn't happen to be a leprechaun that tells him to burn things now would it?

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A la Ralph Wiggum.

waterynuggets 0

That's unpossible!

No, I'm unpossible. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

amberbby69 6

Is the imaginary friend at least a girl?

"say hello to Jenny" *looks at right hand

HiddenAce91 6

Hey at least you know you're the normal one now. lol. But seriously FYL man.