By rarara - 30/10/2012 21:26 - United Kingdom - Manchester

Today, one of my dad's work friends came over. As he was leaving, he complimented my dad on having three "strapping young boys." I informed him that I'm a girl, and I have a hormone imbalance that causes me to have a lot of hair and a deep voice. I guess my dress didn't give him a clue. FML
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I'm assuming he thought you were a cross-dressing man or something

I'm sorry! That was rude of him!


I'm sorry! That was rude of him!

It wasn't rude since he didn't know... It was an honest mistake. OP just needs to act more "feminine" or something like that.

op doesn't have to do anything. being more feminine really wouldn't do anything

double post. sorry.

If she doesn't want to be mistaken for a guy, then yes.

raraisbang 12

She was wearing a dress. That in itself is feminine. It's not like she can change her voice or the fact that she's got a hormone disorder.

She mentioned she was wearing a dress, so unless he thought she was a gay boy wearing a dress, then no she doesn't have to look more feminine...

DigitalFusion 4

Razor anyone? Not much to be done about the voice, but one can go at least that far.

You want her to have a full on beard and/or stubble? A razor is really not the answer here if her extra hair is on her face, neck or anywhere other than her legs/armpits really. She's already wearing a dress - sometimes there's not much more you can do without seeking hormone therapy (which doesn't work for everyone) or getting laser hair removal (which can be pretty expensive). You just have to pluck/bleach/wax what you can (depending on the area) and hope no-one notices. Sucks but that's life. In any case, this is a true FML and it's kinda dumb to suggest it could all be fixed if OP just 'acted a bit more feminine' (which she may not even want to do - it is possible to not want to act super feminine whilst still wanting to be recognised as a girl you know).

OP i have the same issue. PCOS is a treatable issue, speak to your doctor about taking birth control, metformin, and spirolactrone? (Not sure if I spelled that last one right) but that's what i take to balance my issue. Also if you're over weight. Losing weight will help lessen the issue. I hope my comment reaches you and you're able to find help. You can also wax, or get laser treatments. Good Luck, OP.

StalkerChick 13

I don't think it was rude. Maybe he thought OP was a gay guy and wanted to show that he was tolerant by complimenting 'him' with the other boys.

dreamer9614 3

Not sure why everyone is assuming that gay boys wear women's clothing. I have plenty of friends who are gay and that is very different from being trans or liking to cross dress.

kaileylovesyew 4

84- I have a few gay friends, too. None of them wear dresses unless they are bored and want to dress up. However, some guys like to dress up like a girl, otherwise none as drag. The man could have thought that OP was, infact a male dressed in drag. To the people who were saying that the man was rude, I very much disagree.

It's an awkward misunderstanding, but not really his fault. He could have just as easily made the opposite mistake and called a feminine guy a girl.

Top op, poster 25, and generally anyone who thinks wearing a dress is feminine, Fuck You, -Sincerely every crossdresser and Pre=HT (HRH) Transexual, and if you include skirts, every highlander. Also Op, try a razor.

Drag is quite different to cross dressing, drag is for panto, cross dressing has no such connections, just as wearing panties doesn't automatically mean we want to cum in them either, thank you, very much.

So what, I bloody have to, as does any man who doesn't want a damn beard, stop being lazy get a proper damn razor, the sort you could kill someone with if needs be, and shave it off, or put the **** up with it.

raraisbang 12

102, you do realize cross dressers dressing as women are trying to appear feminine, right? Dresses are very much feminine, and are intended for females. Men who wear dresses are usually doing because of the fact that it is feminine. They are taking on a different gender role, hence the reason they sometimes wear makeup and wigs, as well.

SApprentice 34

106- Not true. That's a generalization. Sometimes a man just wants to wear a dress or a skirt. End of story. There's nothing wrong with that. I spend my summers trying to go to music festivals whenever possible, and let me tell you, there's some badass men that rock their hippy skirts. They don't always want to be feminine, and in fact many are very masculine. They just want to wear piece of clothing they like, to hell with society's perceptions.

raraisbang 12

A "skirt" and a dress are not exactly the same. Kilts are types of skirts. Men don't generally flounce around in DRESSES, though. Sure there are exceptions, but generally a man in a dress is feminine in some way or another. Skirts, on the other hand, are tradition in some cultures and aren't generalized as feminine.

SApprentice 34

109- I did say a dress or a skirt in my argument, not just skirts. I still believe that you're just stereotyping cross dressers, but there's no real point in debating the issue here. Anyway, we're both female as is, so we can't really pretend to know anything about what goes through any male's mind when he decides to wear feminine targeted clothing. You and I can both easily wear almost anything we want.

raraisbang 12

True, we can't really say seeing as we are female, but a good friend of mine is a male that cross dresses. While I don't claim to be an expert by any means, I have learned a few things from him. But I agree as you said, being females we don't know what they are thinking. I in no way mean to stereotype, just stating what I've picked up from my friend and his fellow cross dressers. I apologize if I came across in a negative way.

Bob_Cat_fml 14

raraisbang, there actually are dresses designed for men and there are men who like wearing feminine dresses even if they totally feel like men. However I'm assuming OP was not only wearing a feminine dress but she would probably act feminine and all since she's a girl and obviously feel like it. From that I'd say the guy should have called her a girl. Even if she looked like a transgender woman (MtF) or something, someone putting so much efforts in looking like the other gender couldn't possibly get offended by being called a woman - in fact they might be offended by being called a man. I don't know if I'm making much sense but again I'm just assuming, from the fact that I happen to be transgender too and know what they could feel like. So, F OP's life and I hope she can get treatments for that kind of disorder.

B3Y0ND 3

Lol can't we all just wear whatever the **** we want to wear and not have a huge social justice debate on it?

I'm assuming he thought you were a cross-dressing man or something

Jeterforever 3

Haha that's a great assumption.

Your comment is offensive to cross dressing men.

You seem offended.

38 I am not sure if you are serious

38, his comment is not offensive in any way *prances around in a dress*

kaileylovesyew 4

38- I have a cross dressing friend and he's with me now. He wasn't offended. We don't understand how you could possibly think that was offensive because it was just stating the possibility of the man thinking OP was a cross dresser. Concusion: Not Offensive... I rest my case.

Daffodilly 14

If the man assumed OP was cross dressing, why would he call her a "strapping young boy"? (No offence to cross-dressers)

What 139 said, that wouldn't exactly be the definition of a strapping young man. (No offense implied -_- sad we have to say it)

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Aww, I didn't see the sentence about the dress. Thumb me down please; it was my mistake.

Maybe I don't want to...

Not singling you out but I don't get why people insist on making comments when they haven't bothered to read the full FML

unknown_user5566 26

44- You act as if people just post comments at random, and rebel against the system by refusing to read the story. I think some people just skim through and accidentally miss information sometimes.

I don't know where you got that from... I'm just saying it makes more sense to read the full post before commenting. I only meant what I said, not anything about going 'against the system'.

abbeygale, some people are just eager to get a comment higher up in the list so they don't read the post well enough. I'm not saying that's what happened here but just a thought

57 - No it's a good point, don't worry I'm not bothered by other opinions or anything, I just don't appreciate people twisting my words.

I'm currently suffering from a severe cold and had to write a paper today (yes, I am a procrastinator). I'm physically and mentally exhausted, so I'm not surprised that I missed a couple of words in the FML. I also don't fight to get the top of the list; I like posting comments or relevant replies.

48, it's called being human. Sometimes, we miss details and make mistakes. It happens.

AbbeyGale I think you should re-read 57s comment..

The edit button is nice. People need to learn to use it more.

Please take your drama back to Facebook....

This reminds me of the song "dude looks like a lady"

JerryH 9

Except opposite of that

I pictured the cat saying this.

KingCeltic77 18


Somebody told me, that you had a boyfriend...

Come on dude... Man up...

That song's funny too because steve tyler looks like a lady. Yes you do look like a lady, steve tyler

Don't worry about it OP, it was an honest mistake. Atleast he was trying to give a nice complement.

It would be a nice compliment, if the person it was intended for was in fact a boy... However, they aren't, and I can't imagine OP saying- "oh! I'm a girl! Thank-you though! That's very nice of you!"

108, the guy really didn't mean it to be offensive, though. How was he know OP had a hormone condition? and about the dress part; he might have thought she was a cross dressing male, or just overlooked it. Maybe she had just walked in as he was leaving.

I realize that.

Do not take it as offense. He didn't know. For example, people thought I was a girl due to my pre puberteric? voice. I was a late bloomer.

xxhollilollixx 6

Prepubescent :)

T9FTW 20

How late a bloomer? Considering your age of 72

Hmmmm, because he seems to be agelessly immortal, late could be 2 or late could mean it hasn't happened yet, or anywhere in between.

No, you should've flashed him, that would've helped more than the dress.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Flashing her hairy boobs/****** would only scare the guy.

Hairy boobs, 74?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Her hairmone disorder causes her to grown alot of hair she said. So I was just cracking a joke.

That is just disgusting...and I can't help but laugh at the look on any guy's face after he goes through that experience xD

gmc_blossom 21

78- Lol, what's a joke?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

A joke is something someone says to cause amusement or laughter.

gmc_blossom 21

I was being sarcastic because 76 took you seriously. But thanks for the obvious information I already knew.

Sorry OP! FYL, it's not your fault you have hormone imbalances!

unknown_user5566 26

That must have been incredibly awkward. I wonder what the guy said after OP corrected him? Keep your chin up, OP. Hopefully you will find a treatment that works for you so you don't have to deal with these situations.

You comment on every FML post - it's insane. How do you have that time...?

OP: I'm a girl... The guy: I like young mannish girls *creeper face*

unknown_user5566 26

90- I work in an office, and have a lot of time between calls. I usually stop commenting for the day (for the most part) once both my husband and I are off work for the day.

CharresBarkrey 15

90- There are a LOT of people who do this. I'm confused as to why you called out kyleekay of all of them.

@90: I'm more impressed by her timing skills!! She's typically one of the first commenters... By the time I finally find an FML I want to comment on, many people have already said it 20 different ways for me! So props to you KyleeKay ;)

That was a low blow