By NotRetarded - 11/04/2009 02:37 - United States

Today, I went to a friend's sweet sixteen. Since I didn't know any else at the party I was really happy when the mother told me she sat me next to someone she thought I would have a lot in common with. He ended up being mentally challenged and talked to a sock puppet the whole party. FML
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#3 was clearly the one sitting next to the OP.

Sock puppets are quite talkative... Esp ones with googly eyes


Wow, that could be very uncomfortable. I hope you talked to the sock puppet too. It sounds like fun. FYL because the mom thinks you have a lot in common with a retard.

Well, that's not an insulting comment. Why must everyone use derogatory terms on this site? Yeah, i use the word retarded, but not towards people with actual disabilities. I support the mentally challenged. Notice the wording I used

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Don't say that. People use that word to describe people who are just plain dumb; The mentally challenged can't help it.

i dont feel for people who i dont know. like that tsunami that killed lots of people. i dont know any of them why should i give a fuck?

Awww, look! #66 doesn't have a soul! And FYI, by using YOUR standards, nobody cares about who the president/prime minister of the country is because you 'don't know them'

What's wrong with having things in common with a mentally challenged person? Asshole

Did you have two people you were sitting next to, or just one? I'm sorry!

Sock puppets are quite talkative... Esp ones with googly eyes

I agree, why, my sock puppet is sitting beside at this very moment!

Haha, #3 is right! Gotta love those googly eyes! XD

#3 was clearly the one sitting next to the OP.

who was she referring to? the sock or the mentally challenged dude

i love sock puppets !

What's wrong with sock puppets?

ouch.. sorry Your Life is Effed.

The woman obviously thinks very highly of you :|