By tim12345 - 25/07/2011 16:08 - United States

Today, my friends and I rented a party bus, which broke down on the highway 45 minutes into the ride. I paid the guy for the whole four hours. He said he was going to flag down a car to get someone to help us. We saw him get into a car and leave. FML
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Then get the tire iron... REVENGE

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you u should have said the state farm jingle.. problem solved

Has anyone notised the yesterday next to the pile of coins??

yea take the radio and the goodies to make up for being screwed over. Especially since it ruined your night

well you did say Party bus.... start teh party!

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Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!...

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Ahh the good ol' "broke down bus, take the money and run!" trick. Well plaued driver... Seriously OP, best thing you can do is party!

doesn't mean the party has to stop, get drunk and play frogger with the highway traffic.

evaki1, either way your getting voted down

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They apparently aren't on his.

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with a new driver, and a bus...

your picture is so fake. terrible Photoshop edit. go die for ur failz

It's not even a Photoshop job. It's not supposed to be real. It's meant to be funny. :)

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Can't tell if trolling...or just stupid.

I hope I never get stranded with #2

2 you're, really not that bright...

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ur in the top 20 dumbest people alive

how is this a dumb post? The guy found a CAR not a heavy duty tow truck or some mechanic equipped with the necessary tools to repair a bus weighing tonnes. Your not supposed to leave vehicles unattended on the highway anyways.

why not call a tow truck.. or have a passer-by do so.. why leave the bus full of people with no explanation?

because I'm pretty sure the majority of us would rather wait numerous hours for a tow truck to arrive rather than drive to the nearest town and find help much faster.

can't trust anyone these days! what a tool/:

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well don't worry about it. the company will have to refund you and if they don't bash the company name as much as possible. the driver doesn't do his job and then leaves you all stranded so he is fired for that I'm sure

boom! nice comment. exactly what I was thinking.

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doesn't that qualify as neglect which could have his passenger endorsement revoked?

that's how I'm looking at it. use the jack. put the bitch on blocks. and sell the tires :).

**** it, find a mechanic and sell the damn bus lol

Sue the shit out of the company and get your money back. But look on the bright side, at least you're stranded with a bunch of your friends. Just because the bus broke down doesn't mean the party has to stop, right?