By tim12345 - United States
Today, my friends and I rented a party bus, which broke down on the highway 45 minutes into the ride. I paid the guy for the whole four hours. He said he was going to flag down a car to get someone to help us. We saw him get into a car and leave. FML
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  j4gerb0mblitz  |  6

how is this a dumb post? The guy found a CAR not a heavy duty tow truck or some mechanic equipped with the necessary tools to repair a bus weighing tonnes. Your not supposed to leave vehicles unattended on the highway anyways.

By  brt3420  |  13

well don't worry about it. the company will have to refund you and if they don't bash the company name as much as possible. the driver doesn't do his job and then leaves you all stranded so he is fired for that I'm sure

By  ericamichelle521  |  0

Sue the shit out of the company and get your money back. But look on the bright side, at least you're stranded with a bunch of your friends. Just because the bus broke down doesn't mean the party has to stop, right?