By Ltl_Dust_Bunny - 23/03/2009 07:36 - United States

Today, I met a cute guy for coffee. Everything was going fine, right up until he started telling me about his alien encounters and super psychic powers. FML
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Whoa...You actually MET Tom Cruise?

And how is your life f*cked as a result of this?


and i thought dealing with "cat dudes" was weird...

there are thousands of these people. In some places, such as norway, they are banned. They are called scientologists.

That's almost as bad as all those "born again" Christians who "don't want to preach to you" but also "don't want you to burn in hell" while they enjoy heaven. I think I would rather have your guy. :-D

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AWESOME. you should marry him.

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Sigh, you're just jealous cuz you've never had an anal probe.

Ask him how old he was when he got abducted