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Today, I was waiting for my girlfriend, I wanted to have a serious talk about her hypochondria. She called to cancel because she was (self) diagnosed with some sort of 'neurological disorder'. FML
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God, you people are so insensitive! The girlfriend obviously DOES have kuru, OCD, achalasia, melanoma, Crohn's disease, Budd-Chiari malformation, Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, Boerhaave's syndrome, acoustic neuroma, cholecystitis, Cushing syndrome, supraventricular tachycardia, toxoplasmosis, and tribadism. I could be wrong on that last one.

hmmm I'm no doctor, but I think she may be wrong


hmmm I'm no doctor, but I think she may be wrong

there's an actual neurological disorder which causes close to any phobia you can think of, not sure what it's called but I have met people who have the disorder

she could be crazy. or trying to get rid of you. or she's just crazy.

Or she could be a hypochondriac. Hmm, I wonder.

(to the tune of 3 by Brittney spears) 1,2,3, no she's not just crazy, she wants to get rid of op, and she's a hypochondri[ac] (it better send this time!!)

haha nice.

find yourself a new girl bro!

This chick sounds nuts...dead her crazy ass

That's pretty SELFish!

band wagon fail

May you please enlighten me as to what a 'Band wagon fail' is?

It means you tried to jump on the pun bandwagon and missed.

Dude, dump her. Someone like that just wants attention.

if you've never had hypochondria then you wouldn't know. you really think that you have the disease. speaking from experience

Man, do yourself a favor... and run like you stole it.

The sex must be amazing, the crazy ones are always the most fun in the sack.

As true as this might seem, I think you'll need to find a different type of crazy. I doubt a hypochondriac would allow you too get as freaky as you may wish. Don't you worry drifter, there's a crazy out there just for you!(:

You want crazy fun, hun. Not crazy psychotic.

lovexbox speaks the truth

She obviously does have a neurological disorder. I don't see where she did something wrong.

No, she obviously does have hypochondria, which means that she thinks (!) she has very much medical problems, while she hasn't.

She has a psychosomatic disorder, not a neurological one.

I believe that irrationally thinking you have health problems is a neurological disorder. Edit: Maybe the person above me is right.

find a new gf..... she's crazy and just wants attention

Do some research idiot.

I agree that trying to get her to see a therapist is important, especially if it's hindering her relationships with other people, or interfering with her life in general.

Don't bother to help her, just dump her. Not your problem! haha


Tell her you've done extensive research on the internet, and it turns out you're sick of her crap.

that's awesome! hope you don't mind if I steal that line :)