By danimal_crackerz - United States - Coventry
Today, I was at a bar. When asked if I wanted a refill of my coffee, I said yes, and moved the cup from my lap to the counter. As I did this, the waitress spilled hot coffee right into my crotch. FML
danimal_crackerz tells us more :
Hi, it's the OP here. I'd just like to say, thanks for all the laughs in the comments, may have made the trip down to the ER worth it. Looks looks like no kind of coffee is in my future, after this happening my first time trying it, after being prodded by an older sibling who brought me (to the bar). I'm sure this will be a story to laugh about for years to come - and a lesson to all: move the cup first. ?
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  PANDORUM89  |  21

I agree with the above comments it wasn't dumb.
He thought she would pour it when. it was on the counter.
She thought he wouldn't move the cup.
you can make a mistake without being dumb or unprofessional.

  fakedsincerity  |  32

Miscommunication as in she through the OP wanted the refill then and there and didn't expect them to move the cup.
But I agree, wrong word choice, just an accident. (:

Especially if it was super busy I've seen waitresses/waiters get flustered and I feel bad cause some people are rude and angry (not saying the OP was).

  devinaww  |  15

I think it was poor judgement on the waitress's part
should not try to pour coffee into a cup that is on someone's lap
ask them to move it or give it to her to pour
it's like asking for an accident cause what of someone bumped into her elbow from behind?
also, is this a coffee bar? cause I don't usually drink coffees at a bar..