By Shitty Boss Shitty Job - 15/06/2013 05:41 - United States - Davenport

Today, I woke up at 5:30 and made the half hour drive to work only to find out that it was my day off. After finally getting back home and into bed, my boss called, requesting that I come back to work since I was "already up". FML
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Well, at least it's an extra days's pay.

icadragoon 11

I'd go in, you're up anyway. Use the extra money you'll make to treat yourself on your next day off.


Well, at least it's an extra days's pay.

And an extra day of work

Am I the only one who expects an FML where Op tells us all about how he worked on his day off and the boss didn't pay him seeing as it was his day off?

Not unless OP is on salary

grahmagog 14

Call in sick quick...

Yea like that's gonna work

OP: *coughs* Boss, I'm sick. I can't work today. I came down with something. Boss: You were fine earlier. OP: Things happen in an hour.

IronMan3758 4

Well sir I believe you should find a better job

I think you need a better comment

Because it's soooo easy to find a better job, right?

icadragoon 11

I'd go in, you're up anyway. Use the extra money you'll make to treat yourself on your next day off.

I really like your way of thinking. (: I'd work an extra day and put it towards a nice dinner out or a pedicure and of course, the wasted gas I used to get to work the first time.

Aspen_Grace33 27

I think you might need a calendar and he might need to learn common courtesy. If your boss wanted you to stay, they should have asked you while you were still there or at least before you made it all the way back home!!!

dodzin 9

I had similar situation at my office. An office manager who is 10 years younger did not let me know if I am Off or not and, when I came, yelled at me for coming.

Just like when I wake up for school. Only to find out school has been cancel. -.-

Except when they cancel the cancel and you now have to go to school. :P To me, waking up to find out school is canceled has never been a bad thing. Why sleep when it's a free day? (: Time to fill it with some fun!

AHappyGoth 14

Welcome to retail.

shouldn't have picked up the if you saw it was your boss calling.

Might as well, right? Just another day to get paid for. Make some extra money for that gas you wasted to go back and forth.

perdix 29

"You up?" Next time you have a day off, get your head out of your ass and use it to have fun. We get way too few of those, and I have little sympathy for boneheads who don't use them.

Except some people would rather sleep, especially if they don't get a lot of it when they're working. I for one would sleep half the day.