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By laprochainefoisjerestealamaison - 25/02/2013 19:47 - France - Montpellier

Today, I gave birth to my daughter in a hospital corridor. The nurse who took me to my room afterwards tried to comfort me by saying there'd been worse incidents; she said that two years ago, a lady gave birth in the parking lot. That was me too. FML
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Maybe you could continue the pattern and give birth to your next child in the cafeteria or somewhere.

You've got your work cut out for you to top it next time.


I doubt anybody saw, a woman in severe pain loudly screaming while giving birth in a parking lot, who the hell would notice that?~

So what if everyone saw, it's not like she could help it.

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We all knew what s/he was saying, dummy.

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the only thing OP needs to worry about is having a normal and healthy baby. no one gives a shit where it was born. at least it wasn't in a toilet or something.

Oh I don't know, 74, it is probably the nearest one??

You generally don't get to choose which hospital to go to. When you're in labor, you just want to get to the nearest hospital and get the baby out!

My sister in law when all the way to st Charles from Patchogue... So I don't agree with you

90- I chose which hospital to give birth at, my sister chose which hospital to give birth at. So trust me you can choose no matter the distance especially if you're like us and prefer doctors we are familiar with.

I'm guessing the OP's labor and contractions begin occurring far too suddenly to prepare much ahead of time. I have a cousin like that. FYL OP, but at least your births tend to go easily, that's a silver lining for sure.

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131-one, your name is "jesustitts" so I cant take you seriously. two, being able to choose your own hospital varies depending on your insurance and where you live. just because YOU got to do it that way doesn't mean EVERYONE does.

Well derr! I mean if I was in her position, I would care as much about that

Winston Churchill was born in a lady's bathroom stall.

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#108 isnt st charles the closest to her? pretty sure stony brook is way farther and i dont think mather does babies

You've got your work cut out for you to top it next time.

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OP's name indicates that she'll give birth at her home next time, so I doubt it.

Imhere4fml 24

... At the main entrance of the hospital !

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Umm hmm talk about procrastinating

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I never thought I would ever use IB standard level French outside school. Looks like it came in handy on this occasion.

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They say third time's the charm!

Maybe you could continue the pattern and give birth to your next child in the cafeteria or somewhere.

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or you could try a sauna, jacuzzi, in the back row at the movie!

I'd always wondered what causes that much noise in the back row of movies... I guess I now know.

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Or in a car on the way to the hospital

SI always thought a rollercoaster would be a cool place to be born. If you're gonna come out screaming, it should be with good reason! Edit: I remembered 2 seconds after posting this that they generally don't let pregnant ladies on rollercoasters....... My bad FMLers! /)_-

Because giving birth in a hospital room is too mainstream.

So much for comfort.. But congratulations OP :)

I don't think giving birth is too comfortable in first place

lol at the op name ! "next time I will stay home"

The name should have been "tardy for the party."

thanks for the translation--i was curious. :D

But she's gradually making her way closer to the room...Maybe next time she'll make it there.

Good lord, does your labor last for only ten minutes or are you just a huge procrastinator?

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Shit, I'm going into labor! Ah, well. I'll just give birth later.

Either that or the hospital reallllllly sucks and take their damn time?

Lizzy500 16

Some labors are incredibly quick. Neither of mine gave me time for an epidural, though I did make it to the hospital in time. My 2nd was about 3 hours from start to finish.

Well according to OP's name, next time she'll stay at home.

The long name for the FML somewhat indicates your frustration! How terrible for you though... If you decide to have another after all that's happened, let's hope third time lucky? Also, you should just be glad the babies are/were safe, as they should come first. Still, FYL, I feel bad for ya.

It's French for 'next time I'm staying home' , she didn't just write anything.