By Anonymous - Canada - Orillia
Today, I got home to find our house broken into. Among other things, the thieves took our television, my laptop and several pieces of expensive jewelry. Also missing was my daughter's My Little Pony collection. I think we were robbed by a Brony. FML
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  Autobot93  |  10

38- I don't see why people were obsessing over the My Little Pony part of the promotion when Transformers Prime had a promotion with it. It's like most people didn't notice it. Like dafuq?

  blegehlehgleh  |  0

I'm gonna be honest, that was a smart move by the robber, I've seen pony stuff go for ridiculous prices, I have actually witnessed a fluttershy doll (about a foot tall) go for over 9000 dollars on eBay (not the meme over 9000, but actually 9400-something dollars) but personally, stealing pony stuff is just disgusting, if someone stole my twilight plushie, I would seriously go on a manhunt and assault the culprit maniacally

  LaFemmeQuiRit  |  3

#29-- Not really...

A brony is a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who is outside of the original target audience (young girls, most likely under 12.) I guess this could include other MLP merchandise, but not necessarily.

Therefore there are younger male bronies as well as teenage/older female bronies, also called pegasisters, like myself. :P

It's not creepy at all, as the show is actually good, the animation is fantastic, and--as I've heard some people say it--it has pretty much the same structure as your standard anime, but with ponies.

As far as I'm aware, no one has ever claimed being a brony is cool... It's only really as cool to other bronies, isn't it?

(Sorry for any errors, English is not my first language.)


I know someone who is so obsessed with MLP it's almost.. No wait.. it IS disgusting.. He creates these MLP like pages on facebook, and I don't mean the normal ones.. More like 18+ And basically "cybers" with other "MLP users". It's disturbing to say the least.


Ah, bronies ruined MLP:FiM. It's not fair that I actually love the show (I think it's endearing and actually has morals, pretty good for kids), but their fanbase drives me nuts and it's the first thing people associate it with.

  Colonel_Lexi  |  18

Brony: "Let's see we have a laptop...a flat-screen...some jewelry"
*Robber sees Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle dolls and drops everything*

  SadDashie92  |  3

#37 As a fan of MLP:FIM, I must say that was a great explanation of what a Brony is. Not all bronies collect pony toys, and like you said, the show is fantastic.

  efynsien  |  1

MLP is awesome. And like others have stated, the fans can a bit...enthusistic. But the same thing happens with everything good.

And OP, maybe they were trying to grt some morw cash from the dolls. Collectables earn a pretty penny you know.

  ALpein  |  0

I'm a seventeen year old girl who happens to love MLP: FiM. The grown men are just a stereotype. Of course, there are grown men who like the show but most MLP fans are in their twenties and the genders have a nearly equal number. People who say the grown men line proves they only hate MLP because it's 'popular' to hate it. Seriously.