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  Sharpie23  |  7

if you are even decent looking you can walk into a bar and get laid in 10 min by someone who is at least your own age

YDI for being clueless and/or a fat tub of lard

  RyanG_21  |  0

you're 29 it couldn't have been THAT long. & I would just go home and pleasure myself rather than mess with an 80 year old. that's just discusting

  Chrisskiies  |  0

I'm thinking op is a guy since no gender is showing, which makes it even more nasty....

I think this because op was too scared to put his gender, before the trolls come along. Wierdos.. O.o

  paprikacha  |  9

That's just stupid. There are plenty of skinny people walking around lonely. Half the fools you see on the internet cursing the other gender because they can't get any are slender, and then you turn around and see happily married or at least happily dating heavy people out all the time. Just because someone can't find someone doesn't mean they're overweight, nor does it mean that overweight people don't get laid just as much as skinny people. They do.

  soonersbaby21  |  0

that's disgusting op. the bright side? it seems you were given a ripe opportunity to pull an Anna Nicole smith and be with an old dude to one day get all of his money.

  billyz77  |  24

How do you know it wouldn't have been the best sex of her life? They say the older the violin, the sweeter the music. Now with the invention of all the ED medicines, that old saying could really be true. Doubtful, but true.