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  Topasofmagic  |  17

:)Dear Didi, I'm curious. What do you actually do on the FML Team? Do you read the comments/FML's to check if they're appropriate or what? :/
I know these questions is put in a way that seems rude, but I am to tired to find a better wording for them... "-_-

By  amayasoma  |  19

I'm in the same boat with you. Ex broke up with me on Christmas eve too. Go be with family and friends. It helps.

Merry Christmas though! It will get better.

  \  |  28

Fuck that shit! TENCHI MUYO!

By  Kyuzomi  |  12

Hey! Anime is great, being the anime addict that I am, I don't see anything wrong with that. You could have what otaku's call "waifu." Anyways hope you have a happy Christmas. There are more fish in the sea ( I think that's how it goes)

  warriorkitty_  |  10

Hey, at least OP ain't as bad as the guy who legally married his body pillow wife and went for a honeymoon with it! (saw it in the news online)
Forever alone level: unbeatable