Casual perv

By Anonymous - 31/03/2009 01:13 - United States

Today, I was ringing an old man up in the local grocery store when I had realized all he was buying was 3 bottles of vodka and a box of condoms. While I was loading the bags into his cart he laid his hand on my shoulder and told me, "I'd take you home with me but chances are I would be arrested". FML
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ha this is more like FHL. plus, it sounds fake...

marcychick 0

ya you can't buy liquor in grocery stores.

reagan71 11

You can buy liquor in grocery stores. I think it might depend on laws in the area about what kind and where it can be sold (?) so maybe some do and others don't. And agreed, this sounds fake!

go home with him! I mean if you have time to waste on Fml you could use some intimate time

Sounds like an older version of Charlie Harper

hahaha, old people are so awful and awesome at the same time.

only an FML if you were a 16 year old boy. on the first day of work. near the retirement home....*thumbs up*

MKC_fml 0

First of all LOL! Secondly, why would anyone think this is a fake? I bartend for the Royal Canadian Legion and let me tell ya, old men say the darnedest things! Plus a lot of them, especially once they've had a few drinks in them, think that by even jokingly hitting on you their paying you a compliment. Thirdly, yes this is a FML because even though it's funny, and even though it happens ALLLL the time, it always makes you throw up in your mouth a li'l when it happens to you. ;)

i reread my comment...i sounded more sarcastic than i would have liked +_+ meant to say "it'd be a worst FML if.." *thumbs up* was for getting complimented but old man knows limits and was half joking just to make you cringe (if that was the case ^^)