Brutally honest

By thisucks - 28/01/2010 13:59 - Canada

Today, I went out on a date with a guy significantly older than myself. I told him I really liked him because I can have an intelligent conversation with him, unlike most guys my age. He told me he just wanted to get into my pants. FML
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KateeJo 0

At least he was straight forward? Now you don't have to waste any more time with him.

no second date for him!


no second date for him!

If we're hoping for a relationship, no we don't really want to hear I just want to get in your pants. We'll probably pick up on it quick enough but usually if you want to get in her pants, you don't announce it on the first date. Key word -announce

RDR435- dude, ur an ass who needs to learn to respect women. pple like u end up with no one. im pretty sure that not every guy's only intentions r to get u in bed. the OP went on a date with a douche- maybe find someone ur own age?

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im not gonna lye and say looks rnt everything. it grabs a person's attention and then when u go out or watever, u get to know the person. so ur right, most girls do want hot guys. but announcing that u just want to sleep with on the first date like a pig gets u no where.

Nice going! I think the guy deserves some kudos for being straight foreward! At least he didnt trick you into bed, he just came forth and told you the god honest truth. So OP, dont cry over this, take it as a compliment and get over yourself!

Soybean254 0

I don't date women to get into there pants but if I get lucky then it's a plus haha now I'm going to get comments from nerdy virgins saying I'm gay and pussy is everything

pongmaster 0

RDR you are a nipple

RDR, I am disappoint.

jisaac09 25

CAUSE HES HONEST MEANS HES AN ASS??? You say that you dont want a guy like him??? then your gonna stay single... ill come clean right now ALL GUYS WANT SEX, its an animal instinct there honey....

Stupid people tend to believe the rest of the world is stupid too. Generalizing that all men date for the reward of sex is an example. Don't even get me started on that faggotry icon showing your nipples.

at least he was honest, better for u anyway

yes every guys only have the attention to go in bed with you !! or if not why would he date you no guy dates a girl without wanting to sleep with here !!!

RaKum12 0

atleast he was honest

hahaha animal instinct haha yeaaa its so hard to not have sex lol ^^ ohh noooo its happening again this urge i cant stop must use someone hahaha

Maddoctor 10

What I find funny is that a lot of girls want sex too, but if they announce it they come off as "headstrong" or "needy/desperate." In turn, a guy will come off as looking like an ass. So in reality no one wins unless both parties are really just looking to hook up.

thnx 4 warning me, I've been thinking about doing the same, never considered this possibility

WTF is OP's problem? She went out on a date with an old man, thinking he was special, but found out he was just like every other guy.. hahaha.. Really? FYL? I don't think so.. That'll learn you OP.. Go out with someone your own age.. XD

Respect women? LOL

could not agree more!

poofiex3 0

that is very true, girls just want tto hear what they want to and they dont open their eyes to reality

i would want an honest guy to tell me wats on his mind but if he says he cant tell me (proly cuz it is something i dont wanna kno) then ok lol. im an agreeable type of girl who doesnt hold grudges. "Move on, Live More Freely" is my saying! (lol not really but its still a nice lil quote) Xp

safirestar09 0

I don't think that all men date just for sex. Some are really looking for relationships. There are those out there, however, that only fantasize about the special area lurking within a woman's underwear, and they should be ashamed. That's just despicable and nasty.

hey i dont date women for whats in their pants... i date them for whats in their shirt :) lmao jk, or am i?

turtlellama 0

lol, this is one of those FMLs that makes me actually laugh when I picture it happening :] (aww, I thought I was first)

nayy_fml 0

that sucks…

KateeJo 0

At least he was straight forward? Now you don't have to waste any more time with him.

KateeJo 0

unless you want to have an intelligent conversation with him in your pants? score.

chadwick110480 0

nice. lol

lol win for katee

he could've said: "we could cuddle with my dick in you"

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filthyfrith 0


I guess you weren't holding up your end of the "intelligent conversation".

TheDaveCA 1

This is my first thought... He didn't want to lie and comment what it's like putting up with someone immature, so he took the less annoying way out of the conversation.

Hah, spot on! 

I was thinking that too - if you want to date intelligent guys (regardless of age) you better develop a sense of humour.

Quid pro quo?

yes, squid pro row :)

Ja, skin show bro.

faxe 0

Just had a Massive 'DUH' moment. Anyone else?

jisaac09 25

Yea, like HE was just wanting an intelligent conversation.... I guess girls dont really understand guys at all, if a guy is going after a younger woman hes just wanting the sex..... Sex isnt all that guys want, but if we compose a top 10 list the at least three would have something to do with it.... And any guy who says that im wrong is a liar, and @ any girl who thinks that im a pig: im not any worse than any other guy just cause im honest....

But you do? Impressive.


Yeah thats what you get lol for being so damn picky and trying to get a guy that you can hold an INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION with haha it back fired on you. Now you know that its not the age that makes the man, its just that man that makes the man, next time look for someone that you can hold an intelligent conversation with and don't look at their age you dork.

boatkicker 4

What's wrong with wanting someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with? I couldn't date someone I couldn't hold a decent conversation with. It's certainly not the only thing to consider, but for some, it's pretty important.


Yeah I'm not saying that holding an intelligent conversation with someone is stupid I'm just saying that its dumb how she says that because hes older than her he for sure has to be able to hold an intelligent conversation its not his age its just how mature he is.

chadwick110480 0

wise words.


Thank you.=)

u dumb and stfu grammar naziiiiissss

AllMyNope 10

Cruz, is grammar a foreign concept or are you ignoring it on purpose?

youthink_fml 0

At least he was honest. And this is not a FML. All you have to do is say 'no' - or 'yes'.

why would a single man talk to a single woman other than getting into her pants?

JohnByeBye 0

For a relationship perhaps?

How young are you that you would think he wanted to be with you for any other reason?

Sorry couldn't help but notice your username and was wondering if that was in reference to the movie? :)