By Eimii - 06/10/2009 00:41 - United States

Today, my 70 year-old coworker gave me a letter telling me he was attracted to me, and wishes to have a relationship in which he can 'hold me in his arms every night'. I'm 21. FML
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I'd ride his empty canon anytime.....we'll make history together

is he at least a silver fox? if so, go for it ^_~

YDI for leading him on and being a tease.

how is she a tease..? you don't know...

Is he rich?? If so marry him and get all the money when he dies!!! lol

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What are you talking about? The guy just wants to adopt OP and have a father-daughter relationship, right? Right guys? Right? O_O

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I have to agree with #8. I'll bet the OP wouldn't think this was an FML if he had offered her 10,000 dollars to sleep with him.

I would think it's wrong even if he offered me a million

So you'd date someone 49 years your senior? You could totally do them in their nursing home.

Hey, at least he told you in a letter instead of cornering you in a dark area of work and telling you with his hands. The old guy has some respect. Be grateful for that! P.S. if he's rich, go for it!