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They usually say, the riper the berry, the sweeter the juice. In all seriousness, If you genuinely care about someone and love them, the age shouldn't play a critical role. While in some ways, it may be a hindrance, sometimes, a person is worth the hassle. Use your judgement and see how you truly feel. Do what you feel is right.

Finally, an FML that illustrates the repercussions of all those "fun" age-swap movies. Age-swaps are no laughing matter—don't let those Freaky Fridays, Bigs, or 17 Agains fool you!


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How tf could u not tell??

Maybe they've only ever talked online?

It says dating.. I'd imagine they've been on dates before irl

Benjamin Button. (and it's called online dating so...)

some people just age very well. totally possible for a 48 year old to pass for a 28 year old

have you seen Tom Cruise?

My dad is 67 and people tell me they though he was in his 40s when I tell them how old he is.

I know people who are 40 and look like 23..

@23; Why? Did you lose him, again? XD

Agreed, #14! My mother looks very young, and once when I had some friends over when I was a teenager, they asked if she had been a teen mom. She was 50.

So your dad is in his 80s?

My dad is 44 and I have friends ask if he's my brother or if we run errands they think we're newly weds. It's so weird but people can get older and look young.

mariri9206 32

@23, Tom Cruise? More like have you seen Jared Leto? He's in his 40's and he looks like in his 30's. He looks so good for his age and his skin is flawless. I wouldn't say Tom Cruise is ugly but he does not look younger than he actually is, imo.

he lied to her that long? that's pretty messed up

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That is true, but this shows that the person is a liar. So even if OP can live with the age, can they trust their partner anymore?

When you get tc on every single damn fml

#26 I Googled tc and fear not, you can not get testicular cancer from the Internet, not from FML, not even from Fox News sites/apps.

I'm sorry, but in no universe is a 48 year old who lies about being 28 to date an 18 year old, worth the kind of hassle that comes from lying about being twenty years younger. (Literally old enough to be OP's parent.) Run, OP. Run fast, and run far.

ThatOneChick856 36

Even though I still find it uncomfortable when I hear about people dating with a huge age gap , I know it's none of my business and I agree that the people involved know/ should do what's best for them. BUT when it involves lying SIGNIFICANTLY about your age, that's a huge red flag. A little white lie here and there is normal in dating I'm sure, but this goes way beyond "little white lie".

I have had people lie about their age for awhile. Now, this person already was a large gap, and they lied about like two years. That hit me as such a huge red flag. If they can lie about something as inconsequential as two years of their life, what else would they lie about?

That may be the case, if he didn't grossly lie about his age. And, according to the poster's name, he/she is 18. A thirty-year-gap in that particular case is just a bit ripe for an unequal relationship and potential abuse, especially given the fact that he's an established liar.

At least we know that if you can mistake them for someone in their twenties, they ought to have good genes!

Finally, an FML that illustrates the repercussions of all those "fun" age-swap movies. Age-swaps are no laughing matter—don't let those Freaky Fridays, Bigs, or 17 Agains fool you!

What Freaky Friday failed to do with seriousness and warning, it made up for in its title... which would be pretty accurate from what I'd gather. although maybe fucked up Friday would be even more accurate.

Psh. Age is just a number.

So is the number of years you're in jail for pedophilia.

But lying about your age is the problem here.

Age is just a number, but lying is, as has been pointed out, a deal breaker. My girlfriend is younger than me by 12 years, but there was no deception involved, so no problem. The issue here is that the Ancient One lied, thus preventing OP from choosing for themselves whether to date an older person.

And yet everyone is assuming she lied. She could've just told him her age. Thanks cruel world...

This leaves many questions unanswered

If the person looks that good for their age, then more power to you both

it's alright. just round it down a few times.

Sounds like the show Younger from TvLand ?. But in all seriousness, age shouldn't matter if you really like her, or love her, whatever the case.