By gameguy3424 - 18/05/2009 03:37 - United States

Today, I went on my afternoon stroll to my local park. As I reached the park a little boy was peeing in the bushes nearby. His mother called. As I walked by, he turned, still peeing, right to me. He ended up peeing on the front of my pants and on my shoes. My house is 2 miles away from the park. FML
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stonerchu 0

Get your revenge! You should peed on him back :D

#19 having your infant cousin piss on you at home and having to walk 2miles in public, when it looks like you just pissed yourself are 2 different things. Some people seem to have no problem walking around with piss on themselves ..... you must do it alot.


Why would you walk right behind someone who was peeing? Especially a small child.

NikkiRainbow63 31

My super ninja reflex would turn him into a puddle of blood >:]

Yeh 1# Why would you possibly walk that close to him. Surely it would be common sense to leave some sort of distance while walking past. Are kids just really mentally challenged nowadays. When i was a "small boy" I never chose to piss right out in the open, next to what seems to be the entrance to the park. And then to turn while mid flow. I mean come on, was he a special needs kid or something?

HAHA, I'd be so scared if I was that little kid. "hey mister please don't hurt me." *runs away screaming* You did get peed on though so that really bites for you.

bahahaowned 0

Wow. If some little kid did that to me. I would have killed him. No joke. Common sense? FYL.

Like seriously hes just a little boy its not his fault he had to take a piss its how the earth works; Your are a man so suck it up!

RottenKid 0

I would have to agree with #7, when someone pisses on my shoe there is hell to pay. FYL.

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early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise